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FiberOne Review April 17, 2009

Posted by texasheartland in chocolate, food, Product Reviews, Products, Reviews, thoughts.
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I was hoping this was going to be a CD review since I love music, but alas, I couldn’t get both songs onto the iPod before now so I will most likely review the CD when I head off for a nap after studying.

About 3 weeks ago (when Zeus was sick), I had won AND received a FiberOne Gift basket that included a coupon for a free box of FiberOne Chewy Bars, a bar of chocolate soap, a container of chocolate bath beads, a bathtub pillow, and a bottle of Lights N Lathers Chocolate Body Lotion. Today, I was finally able to get the box of FiberOne bars, and try them. I picked up the Chocolate Mocha flavor and it didn’t take long for the yummy goodness of chocolate mocha to come calling for me so I decided to have a bar for breakfast.

I bit into it and just a sweetness of mocha and chocolate filled my mouth. It’s just essentially a granola bar but with your 35% Daily Value of Fiber. It was so chewy, so gooey, but not as sticky as some granola bars are. They had great flavor. They weren’t bland, gritty, or dry. They were probably one of the best granola bars I have ever eaten in my life and hope to get some more in the future.

FiberOne‘s motto is “Cardboard, no. Delicious, yes.”. They stand true to that!



1. The Constant Complainer - April 17, 2009

First time visitor to your blog. I saw the link on Keg of Wisdom’s “Amigos” page and decided to check it out.

Just read a few of your posts and decided to comment.

Interesting site. Have a nice weekend.

2. blindfaith73 - April 18, 2009

I have been wanting to try but afraid of the cardboard taste,I trust your judgment as you always have a say in what good and bad and every time I follow one of your recommendations you have not yet been wrong
I will have to go out and buy some next time I go to the store

3. croneandbearit - April 18, 2009

Devoted Spouse loves any and all snacks and that includes granola bars in any form. He brought some of the Fiber One home and i tried one and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Wow are they yummy – in fact, I asked him to hide the box so i wouldn’t just keep chowing down on them!

Hehe I agree- I could eat them all day and everyday!

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