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Inside my dreams… April 17, 2009

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I have some weird dreams. I mean really weird dreams. It could be scary dreams, funny dreams, or dreams that make no sense- as I’m sure we all do. But in the past, I had previously had dreams of country singer Chris Cagle. I love Chris Cagle, think he is the sexiest country singer there is, and know every single one of his songs by heart. Yea, I love him.

Last night, he entered my dreams once again. What was the dream? “It was my birthday so I had entered his fan club just because I loved his music. We went to some place on vacation where we found out that it was where all the fan club stuff was sent to those who had signed up. If I’m correct, it came with 2 cards with like biographical information (height, weight, favorite color, etc.), a cute teddy bear, a t-shirt, and other items I can’t remember. Not long after walking out of the building, I saw Chris Cagle and 2 assistants getting into a boat. The lady, who I guess was the manager, turned around and said “Chris is here for a little while. For those who are in ear-shot of this, feel free to come into the boat and spent a couple of hours with Chris.”. So we all got into the boat and I was 2nd for an autograph and when he asked me my name, I could only squeak out “Angela- and it’s my birthday”. We had fun. I was able to sit next to Chris most of the time (while almost peeing my pants in my sleep), and just have a great time!”

I have not dreamed of Chris Cagle in what seems forever. The last time I dreamed of Chris Cagle, I was meeting him and got a poster of mine autographed. Sure, I would LOVE to meet Chris Cagle in real life. Hell, I’ve met Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Emerson Drive, and Blake Shelton in real life- why can’t I just meet Chris Cagle? And masybe profess my undying love for him- JUST KIDDING! I would love to eventually meet Chris Cagle. Maybe when I least expect it. One can wish, right?



1. Confetti Dreams - April 20, 2009

You never know…. wishes can come true.

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