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Reuniting… April 25, 2009

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As I was reading past posts (like posts written in 2008) for the hell of it, I was reminded of something someone told me today.

On October 18th, I made a post about “C”, someone I have clamed as my cousin my whole life, moving away. Of course, me and Twin were sad. I mean, we had played with each other since we were born and our fathers had known each other since they were litter. We were family. We haven’t seen each other since they moved though we have talked online NUMEROUS times.

Yesterday, she sent me a message over MySpace saying that she could possibly be coming down for a few days. Of course, that made me ecstatic. Twin and I consider her part of our family so since we haven’t seen her and her little boy since October, I was happy. But this morning, after post a dorky MySpace video, she said it was like she had a little piece of us with her. Then she proceeded to tell me that on May 8th or 9th, she MIGHT be coming down. That was awesome to hear!

Me, her, and Manders were extremely close. All 3 of us had been there for each other through everything. So when she left, it was like me and Manders had lost part of our little “family” circle. It was weird not going over to her house every day but we eventually got used to it and considered it part of “growing up” in a way. Not exactly “growing up” in that sense, but it was a part of life we couldn’t change. Does that make sense? If not, bear with me. My stomach is hurting (who the hell knows why) and I am getting tired.

So if she does come down on May 8th or 9th, it will be like a small reunion for the 3 (4 if you count her 1-year-old) for the us. Some tears, some pictures, and a lot of hugs. Hopefully a lot of laughs.



1. Confetti Dreams - April 25, 2009

I absolutely cannot wait to see her! I am uber-excited!

2. Lynn - April 25, 2009

know u can’t wait for c to come doen and visit-i know u both miss her and the friendship u had. hope ur tummy gets better-take ginger 4 it.

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