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Say Goodbye to Allergies in Bed! April 30, 2009

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Thanks to Protect-A-Bed (who provided the product), I was able to to review their Premium Mattress Protector.

Did you know that your body can lose up to 2 pints of moisture for every 8 hours you sleep? This moisture is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.  Many people don’t realize their mattress is one of the largest sources of allergens in their home, because over time, mattresses collect and absorb dust mites, bacteria, bodily fluids, skin cells, etc. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 2 million dust mites live in unprotected mattresses, and many people are allergic to their feces, which is left behind within mattresses and pillows. Kinda gross, I know. Now I know why my allergies got worse when I went to bed.

Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors provide an impermeable barrier between you and the dust mites and allergens within your bedding, while remaining breathable and comfortable. The ultra-thin, extra soft and super absorbent mattress protectors will not detract from the comfort of your bedding, and they are easy-to-use and machine washable. So say goodbye to a wet mattress due to accidents!

I actually tested the “wet mattress theory” with a spray bottle. I sprayed a small area twice. I was surprised when I lifted the mattress protector. It was virtually dry! While the terry cloth upper was wet, you couldn’t tell it came from the same bed!

As a sufferer of allergies, I have noticed a difference in my breathing at night. Besides a terry cloth cover, it’s relatively cool at night is is remarkably comfortable.

You can find more information about the complete range of products they offer at www.protectabed.com.



1. Sweet Dreams Mattress - April 30, 2009

Great article. Isn’t it amazing what a difference a great product such as this can make? When we sell our Denver mattress customers’ these products, they always come back to regale us with stories of how much improvement they experience in their overall sleep.

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