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Quiet… June 6, 2009

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As I sit here, the only sounds I hear are the hums of the fans and my fingers hitting the keyboard. It’s unusually quiet- I am the only one awake. Even the cats are asleep. Zeus is asleep in the chair. Patches is on top of the television (which I expect her to fall off of any moment as she usually does). Smokie and Princess are asleep in the bedroom with Manders- who must have been really tired. Mom is asleep on the couch because she has a headache. Dad has gone out for a while to do a few errands.

I usually don’t like all the quietness because it feels like I could go crazy with my thoughts. But because of a migraine yesterday and endless channel surfring on the TV (there was nothing on that piqued my interest!), I welcome the quiet. No music, no television, no dog barking at air- soothing quiet.

It’s been a while since I could sit here, in the living room, with nothing but my thoughts. Usually Zeus is making some sort of noise with his endless amount of toys. Smokie would want attention as soon as she woke up. Not long after that, Manders would wake up and would want online. While I have no thoughts in which I have a decision to make, it is nice to reconnect with myself once more. I am a believer in that meditation (in some shape or form) truly cleanses your body, mind, and spirit. I haven’t meditated in a long while due to everything that was going on and there never seemed to be any peace and quiet. It even seemed a little louder than I liked in the bedroom- even while reading and having some movie on for background noise. It’s like I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading because even the words pounded in my head.

Maybe I’ll get a little more reading done than I had gotten done yesterday. I have 2 books I need to read and while I haven’t even made a dent in the other one (with almost 1000 pages and I am only on page 135), I am almost halfway with the other. Both interest me but I refuse to read them when I will just skip over a majority of what the book says instead of my imagination running wild as I read.I am finally making a dent in my quest to read 100 books by December 31st. To make it seem as if it wasn’t a blazing 100* outside, I even plan to read books that were made for the Christmas Holiday instead of Summer. Why? Not only do I look forward to Christmas every year, reading about snow and Christmas trees will make it seem as if it were a mere 30* out instead of triple digits.

Patches just fell. Told ya she would.



1. texaslady_55 - June 6, 2009

~~glad you could get some peace/quiet. sorry you haven’t been feeling well and being hot in the living room along with the stress around here doesn’t help. happy reading this weekend!!!–poor patches…

2. Manders - June 6, 2009

You are purely lucky to get peace and quiet. Maybe Monday, after we’ve recorded, we can do some meditation. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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