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I’m thinking… June 17, 2009

Posted by texasheartland in Books, family, Feelings, life, Siblings, sisters, thoughts, twins, writing.
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As I laid down to go to sleep, I started thinking about the books I have been reading. All of them have been fiction and in 95% of them, they feature some sort of paranormal monster- whether it be a vampire, werewolf, or witch. Then I got to thinking of the nonfiction books that centered around twins. None of them came from the actual twin’s point-of-view. They have all been written by some expert or a parent of twins.

Sure we want to know how twins come about or what it’s like to have a set of twins. But you don’t get a sense of who the twins truly are, unless they are young and can’t write the book. But with all the adult twins in the world, you figured that they would write a book about what it’s like to be a twin and live with a twin. Maybe I am thinking outside of the box, and that’s who I am.

But I was thinking of writing a book about twins… from the twin’s point-of-view! I wouldn’t write it like it was some distant future and we’re already in college and trying to make our way through life and Biology. That would be disingenuous of me and wouldn’t really make sense since there is still a lot that Manders and I go through every single day. Hell, we still argue over what to watch on TV before we go to sleep. No one ever tells you those little things that make twins so wonderful. We argue but we don’t stay mad.

I think it would be so cool for people to see what twins are TRULY like from their point-of-view instead of an expert who has no twins or a parent whose twins are too young to say what the bond is like. It would be one of a kind!



1. sandysays1 - June 17, 2009

Good idea. Particularly if one of you gets some name recognition.

2. Confetti Dreams - June 18, 2009

That sounds like a perfect idea!! Maybe I can help?

3. Lynn - June 19, 2009

~~Thought I had left a comment but guess I didn’t-sounds like a really good idea. You both have been thinking about writing books. Might have to get you/manders some help books and spirals and start at it.
Your blogs are always so interesting to read…..

4. croneandbearit - June 24, 2009

Hi sweetie – Write the book – great idea – and then you can publish it and become famous and I can say I knew you when. Plus, it’s a good idea. Hugs!

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