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CIJ: Shopping Memory July 9, 2009

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I love Christmas shopping. Just the idea that I am buying for someone else and they have no idea just makes me want to shop even more! But a while back, I had developed the habit of not getting my Christmas shopping done early enough to beat the people who shop a week before Christmas Eve. I am one of those persons that shop a week before Christmas Eve. What is funny is that I can get done with birthday shopping for Manders relatively early. In fact, I already have her gift! I already know what I’m getting her for Christmas so it would seem plausible to go ahead and get it, right?

Wrong. If I get it now, I would be so tempted to give it to her and I’d rather see her surprise on Christmas morning!

But let’s go back a couple of years. Oh, I’d say about 4. Manders and Mom might remember this.It was about a week before Christmas. I was working at a church daycare and I had just finished picking up my check. I went to the bank to cash it. As soon as I had come out of the bank, a brilliant idea caught me- Christmas shopping! So I called Manders and Mom to tell them my brilliant idea. I knew of only one place I could get everything- Wal-Mart! Now I realize that was a stupid idea on my part but I hadn’t taken into consideration how extremely busy it would be. I was just excited to be shopping on my own.


So I drive around the Wal-Mart parking lot. I should have realized that it would have been impossible to find a close parking spot at Wal-Mart one week before Christmas. But I didn’t realize  I would have to walk half a mile just to get into the store. Now that was a different story. It was EXTREMELY busy and you always had the chance of bumping into someone with your basket. To make matters worse, my family back then was the hardest people to shop for. They aren’t particular in what they get so I ended up getting Manders a Family Guy DVD (because she loved Family Guy) and I got Dad an electric razor. I didn’t get Mom anything because I didn’t see anything she’d like!

So later that night, Manders and I went to ROSS where we found this floating candle stand that was so beautiful. That was also the night I found my first nutcracker that would, hopefully, someday become a menagerie of nutcrackers.

I hate shopping so close to Christmas.




1. Confetti Dreams - July 9, 2009

I’m with you. I hate shopping when it’s so darn close to Christmas. This year, I vow to do my shopping online to beat the holiday rush and crowds.

2. Lynn - July 9, 2009

~~hopefully we can do Christmas shopping early this year!!!!!

3. croneandbearit - July 10, 2009

I love to shop for Christmas but I do it all year long and then I’m not rushed in December when the crowds are bad and the prices have been raised. I buy things for folks as I find them – and then hide them away and sometimes can’t find them again! I like to tell Devoted Spouse in July or August that I just got something for him for Christmas – it drives him insane. Evil but fun. Hugs!

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