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Thoughts of a Feline July 12, 2009

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Last time as I was drifting off to sleep, I noticed that Smokie wanted attention. I had no problem with this since I knew I would be passed out sooner or later and she would end up leaving me to sleep in her spot under the air conditioner. She laid her head on my hand, which she often does, and just stared vacantly nowhere. As she continued to stare at nothing, I started wondering what she was thinking of.

Do cats think with words? Surely it isn’t as complex as our thinking is, since it’s a lot easier for us. But surely it isn’t just all pictures. I’m sure she doesn’t see her paw and lick it because she saw it. I know she doesn’t look at me and think I’m just a different species that’s stupid. If that were the case, she wouldn’t come to me for attention, food, or just because she doesn’t like that fact that I’m reading. Do cats look at the TV or wall and see the person moving without a thought? I know cats think because when they jump from a high to a low spot, they have to calculate how far and how to jump so they don’t injure themselves. They know when someone is a stranger. They know when they get in trouble with their owners. I know cats don’t think like us- bills, school, work, romance. But in some way, I do think that they have thoughts that pertain to their current life.

Smokie will see Zeus coming up towards her and she has to think of a way to get away quickly. So she’ll look back and forth to see an escape. If she is walking in the room and sees a box or something that isn’t completely stable, she’ll calculate a jump over it.

But what do cats really think of when they’re staring off into space?



1. Confetti Dreams - July 12, 2009

You said something about Zeus and how she would look back and forth for an escape route… she’s half ninja I tell ya! I wondered about cats thoughts, too! Dogs understand human words, but I wonder if cats do the same thing!

2. Lynn - July 12, 2009

~~Wow, I had never thought about that. Really interesting conceptions there girl. I have always felt like there were superior beings from another planet here to scope us out and make us wait on them…I sometimes just would really like to know what they ARE thinking?–hmmmm

3. croneandbearit - July 14, 2009

I had two cats and they would both stare off into space and here’s my theory – they do it to piss you off and make you think they know something you don’t. Seriously. Now, as for dogs – EmmaLou stares off into space and she’s plotting her next evil move to destroy something so she can then give me the “I love you look” and I will reward her – she also plays chess in her head, I’m convinced of it because she can strategize and she’s always several moves ahead of me. I miss my cats. Please hug Smokie for me – what I miss the most is their soft fur. Sniffle. I have to go to bed now or I’ll get all stupid and girly and cry over a cat that’s been gone for almost 6 years – stupid hormones. Love ya, mean it. Hug twin for me, too. 🙂

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