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CIJ: Christmas Food July 19, 2009

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Food is always a large part of the Holidays, because it is synonymous with Christmas. There are tons of Christmas recipes at AllRecipes.com. They have some of the best recipes that even I would enjoy making. While it’s not widely popular, they have several recipes for different types of Christmas cake (actual cake).If you have difficulty making fudge at Christmas, they also have tips and tricks for making perfect fudge.  They also have a section for food gift recipes if you have a friend or family member who is an avid cook/baker!

Give the gift of fortune cookies! At Fancy Fortune Cookies, they have fortune cookies that you can customize anyway you want. You can customize the flavor, the fortune in the cookie, and even have it drizzeld in chocolate! If you want to send them a surprise, send them a giant fortune cookie! All Giant Fortune Cookies come dipped in chocolate with confetti and your customized fortune!  Read my review on Fancy Fortune Cookies.

If you want to send something that is homemade without actually having to cook it, Etsy is your best bet! When the Holidays get a little closer, all the bakers start churning out their best that include fudge, chocolate, cookies, and sugary creations! Some stores even offer gift certificates for their products so if you’re not sure if you recipient would like the chocolate fudge or the cupcakes, give them a gift certificate so they can choose their sugar snack!




1. Confetti Dreams - July 19, 2009

Why oh why did you make me hungry?

2. Lynn - July 19, 2009

~~Yummy for the tummy!!!–Can’t wait for cooler weather to get here so we can cook and bake to our hearts content!!!!! Love And Peace, Mama

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