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CIJ: Frugal Christmas Decorating July 21, 2009

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Xmasgiftcheap-main_FullOur family doesn’t do any major Christmas decor shopping. We simply cannot afford the huge Christmas tree or the collection of snowglobes. So we’ll decorate on a smaller scale while still buying Christmas decor to replace what was lost during the Summer.

If you’re not sure how to make those Dollar Store decorations work without looking like they were bought at the Dollar Store, there are numerous ways to make it look like you’ve spent a fortune without really having to do so! eHow tells you that if you mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with any metallic acrylic paint (craft paint), you can create your own snow color. Then, sponge paint pretty snowflakes on your windows for a shiny, old-fashioned holiday effect. You can also wrap empty boxes with colorful Christmas paper and stack them all decoratively in a hallway or living area. While the kids might think they are presents for them, explain that they may or may not be. The element of surprise!

You can also use nature to decorate. Spray paint pine cones whites for Holiday candle votives. You can use holy/evergreen branches to create wreaths, line a basket, or a hanging bouqet of evergreen branches. The children can help by sprinkling glitter while the paint is drying on the pine cones or even help gather the branches.

What my family does, to create an eye-popping door that reflects the outside Christmas decorations, we take metallic wrapping paper and tape it to the front door. We then take some ribbon and wrap it like it was a gift. We sometimes top it off with the inevitable velvet bow and sometimes we don’t. At About.com, you can use swag or even wreaths for a classic look. There are also tons of ideas for easy and frugal Christmas decorating!




1. Confetti Dreams - July 21, 2009

Have I told you how good you are at decorating for Christmas??

2. Lynn - July 22, 2009

~~You could start this as a business helping people to decorate on a dollar budget!!!! You have such great ideas……I’m always impressed and wish I had you and Manders’ creativity…..

3. MidwestMom - July 26, 2009

what I like to do is take apples and cut off the top just a bit and then hollow it out just enough for a tea light candle to fit in it and set it on my table and then light it.. very pretty. another thing I like to do it take glass spaghetti jars that have been cleaned washed and label removed get out white glitter paint and paint the inside and out side of the jar let it dry and then take a taper candle light it and let some wax drip in side on the bottom blow it out then stick the candle inside just before the wax cools down relight it and it make very beautiful decorations …

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