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CIJ: Christmas Parties July 23, 2009

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Christmas parties happen ALL over the US and other areas because it is tradition. But sometimes people become frazzled because they don’t know where to start, what to serve, or even how to send out the invitations!

Centrinet says that you shouldn’t focus your energy solely on the buffet because it will become predictable and attendence will drop off. Instead, offer food like you didn’t work yourself up into a frenzy like cheese and meat squares and a few alcoholic beverages. This site also has other ideas to make your party less boring and more Christmasy!

Celebration.com says bring your guests together this Christmas with a Christmas Tree Trimming party! It spells out tradition for a lot of folks and will bring up great memories that they will be able to share with you or other guests. Maybe they didn’t have an angel on the tree. Instead they had a star. Show them you love traditions as much as you do with a Tree Trimming Party. Or better yet, a Christmas Caroling Party! While that hardly happens, it still looking like fun!

If children are expected at the party, sit them down with Christmas crafts or games they can play with an adult supervisor or each other. Not only will it keep them occupied, they will feel as if they’re celebrating the Holidays with friends. If your children feel a little left out because you’re preparing for the party, let them help out a little by setting the buffet table or pouring the non-alcoholc drinks into cups. For more kid-friendly party ideas, check out FamilyFun. If you need ideas for Christmas crafts for the children or supplies, visit Oriental Trading’s Craft section.

Invitations can be the hardest to send because sometimes people don’t check their e-mails, don’t return phone calls, or misplace paper invitations so they have no idea where to go! Why not give them an eye-popping invitation they can’t miss? At InvitationBox, they have quite a few designs to choose from though they are a little pricey. TinyPrint doesn’t have that many Christmas invitations to choose from but they are definitely cute!

If need more party ideas, visit Party411 for party ideas to make your party tops!




1. Lynn - July 23, 2009

~~Cool blog!! Be glad when we move so we can do Holiday Parties–just know ours will be the coolest!!!!

2. Confetti Dreams - July 24, 2009

Those are perfect ideas!!!

3. Laura - August 20, 2009

I took me ages to organise my Christmas party in London i wanted it to have a theme, your never too old to dress up in your favourite superhero outfit. My plan was to consider how many guest I was going to invite then i would worry about finding the venue. Once that was done my friends gave me some ideas in what I should have at the party, the chocolate fountain is a ‘must have’ along with plently of alcohol and a few Christmas party games.

I also decided to make my own Christmas invitation cards so there were more personalized when I gave them to my guest. My friends and I made lots of food and nibbles for the party. Blogs like this do help as I found it useful to get tips and ideas on how to organise the perfect Christmas parties.

4. drtombibey - December 11, 2009

I wrote up one of my favorite Christmas parties on my blog today.


5. toms r. - October 16, 2010

I agree that invitations can be the hardest to send because sometimes people don’t check their e-mails, don’t return phone calls, or misplace paper invitations so they have no idea where to go, just like me.Haha. What you’ve shared are really great ideas!! Keep posting more!! God bless!

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