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CIJ: Retro Christmas July 27, 2009

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I was watching the Christmas in July special they had on QVC yesterday and the day before. Yesterday, they had a special segment called “Christmas Memories” where they brought out all sorts of retro Christmas ornaments and decorations. While I don’t remember having any retro Christmas decorations, I thought it would be neat to have a retro Christmas this year!

Instead of putting up a big artificial green Christmas tree, I love the idea of putting up an aluminum Christmas tree with the color wheel! Mom told us about them and ever since that story, I wanted one! I thought it would be so cool to go retro for Christmas, but that also includes the tree! Every year, it frustrates us because we can’t get the lights to go the way we want. They’ll blink when we don’t want them to or they won’t blink when we would prefer they do. So to counterbalance all of that, I want an aluminum tree!

When I was little, Mom used to have this HUGE collection of Santas. I mean, there were a lot. They were given to her as gifts or she would see it, and say “I have to have it!”, thus ended up buying it. But a house fire in 2001 destroyed it all, including everything we had. So one year, Manders and I bought her this beautiful and colorful ceramic Santa that stood a little over 12 inches. Mom loved it. So she put it on a shelf. But one of the cats we had at the moment (I hope it wasn’t Smokie!) jumped on top of the shelf, where we thought they couldn’t reach, and knocked it over. It was broken into a million pieces. So one day, Manders and I decided to start re-collecting Santas for Mom. But this time, I would love to give her a retro Santa! It just brings back that magic that Christmas held close as children.

I don’t know if anyone remembers these, but way back when, they started making plastic Santas that you could put out in your yard and there was a light so Santa could shine. I believe they also had Frosty and Toy Soldiers. As I was watching QVC’s “Christmas in July” event, they had a Toy Soldier ornament. It brought back the image of those plastic Toy Soldier’s outdoor decorations and I thought it would be so neat, if I can ever find them, to snag 2 and place them outside. I know as older people drive by, they will be reminded of Christmases that features these outside their home. It would bring back a lot of memories.

I would love to buy all the retro Christmas decorations I can and just make on Christmas completely retro- down to even the tiniest decoration! I think it’s because it was a simpler time when Christmas didn’t mean the hottest iPhones or the coolest toys. It was about family and being together. I think most of society has lost that idea and I would like to see it come back!



1. croneandbearit - July 27, 2009

I am with you on the retro Christmas – that’s why I like my tree – it is filled with memories of places we’ve been and people we’ve known and hand-made ornaments. One year I strung real cranberries and I made a real popcorn string – man was that a pain! Now I have fake cranberry strands but I still have the 6-foot long string I made out of old gum wrappers (back when the wrappers were still colorful) – I made it in the 4th or 5th grade back in the Stone Age and I can’t believe I still have it and it hasn’t fallen apart after all these years of carrying it around from home to home. Hugs!

2. Lynn - July 27, 2009

~~This brought back so many memories and would be fun to start collecting for having Retro Christmas……I hate all the plastic and junk they have out for the holidays-back in the “olden days” it always seemed more Christmasy then it does now.

3. Betty - November 22, 2009

I have a retro christmas collection. I call it my vintage christmas collection. I started in 2007. I collected a number of 12-15″ plastic blow mold santas and a snowman as well as one 4 ft Santa. These blowmold items won’t always be available. I always collect anything I can find with a retro IMAGE on it -paper, cards, folk art for sure when I can find it, and I prefer 3-D paper mache’ things. I have learned to look UP and down LOW and BEHIND things in shops new and vintage as well as Good Will and church second hand shops. I do limit myself though to the actual space I have for displaying things and I stick to it, so this gives me boundaries. I have to be careful because I’m even a more avid fan of vintage Halloween and have an amazing collection of this. One day I will need to pass on my collections and I hope I find the right persons who will enjoy them as much as I truly have. ~Good luck with your search. It is a lovely sentiment to do this for your mom.

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