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BTS: Back To Studying August 10, 2009

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Study Skills

Since everyone else got a Summer break from school, I thought I would get a Summer break from studying. And honestly, who can study when the temperature outside can easily reach 100* by Noon and the inside of the bedroom feels like a sauna? Not me!

I understand that it will take me longer to return where I was as I have to go back to a few things and re-study Algebra because I pretty much forgot some of the stuff I learned this past Spring. I know there are some things I will never learn in Algebra. I hate Math and Algebra. I will never use it in my career, so why do I have to learn it? But because it is required for me to know it in order to go college, I will learn it. I won’t like it but I’ll learn it.

I’m actually excited to start studying again. I an only read so much, watch TV so much, and sleep so much before it just becomes boring. Well, sleeping is NEVER boring. In fact, I’d love to sleep in if I could. But now, I am waking up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30. I’m not happy about it, but my body just won’t let me sleep late. Plus, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I studied. Like I was working on something great. Maybe I was actually learning and didn’t know it.

But as I cracked open the book last night when I started to study again, I found 5 different sections folded down (kind of as my bookmark) and almost started writing in each section because I had forgotten where I was. Eventually I found my notes and the right section. I didn’t do much because it was late at night (almost 10 PM) and I was kinda tired. Am I happy to be studying again? Yes and no. Yes because I might finally be able to take the diagnostic test they have in book without freaking out and no because I suck at Algebra and Geometry. I understand that it’s part of college education, but in my career, I HIGHLY doubt that I’ll be using equations and area in my career.



1. Davis - August 10, 2009

I find it absolutely impossible to concentrate in that kind of heat. How did I ever survive elementary school in an AC-less Miami?

2. Jackie - August 10, 2009

You know, maybe if the 3 of us start studying it will be incentive for us to do it. But I know how hard it is to do when it is so hot-but maybe studying will take our minds off the heat and everything else…..

3. Confetti Dreams - August 13, 2009

Man! You have the energy to study when the temperature outside is above 100 degrees? Not me! It makes me want to sleep!

4. croneandbearit - August 14, 2009

I took Algebra in high school and managed to get by with a D. I took it again for my Bachelors Degree and got an A with the help of Devoted Spouse. I have to my knowledge never used anything I learned in Algebra in my life – I have no need for equations – but Algebra does teach you to think logically and it helps you to learn how to solve and think out problems so that makes it important to learn. As for geometry, again, I have never needed it although I thought it was fun in a bizarre way. All I need is basic math – enough to do finances and some measuring for sewing curtains and measuring rooms for carpeting – that kind of thing. Just remember, it will be over soon! Hugs! L

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