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CIJ: OrnamentsWithLove.com Review July 24, 2009

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If you’re anything like me, you get tired of the generic ornaments on your tree everything Christmas rolls around. You want to add a little flair and personality to your ornaments, but you’re not exactly sure how. Did you know that you can have your own personalized set of ornaments just for $10 or more per ornament? Most places would charge you anywhere from $15 to even $90 just for a personalized ornament! But not OrnamentsWithLove.com!

OrnamentsWithLove.com offers over 700 personalized ornaments and a variety of photo frames and table decorations. Most of their ornaments are handmade from artists and companies all around the United States. Many of the ornaments are made from bread dough here in the United States. Others are made of wood, resin, polymer clay or clay dough. If you are looking for a specific ornament (i.e. a horse or a panda), then they have a lot to choose from. Unless specified, all ornaments come with personalization that you do right at ornament’s page. So let’s say you want to order the Cat – Grey Tabby Personalized Christmas Ornament. When you visit the page, all you have to do is type in the name you want for the ornament, the year, the quantity, and just press “Add to Cart!”. It’s very simple!

I love personalized items, especially at Christmas since it makes it so special for that person receiving the gift. I personally love the Twin category of the ornaments for obvious reasons!  I have no idea which one to choose! At first I thought Bronner’s had the best ornament selection but because OrnamentsWithLove.com has more handmade and personable ornaments that are just too cute for words, I think I may have to take that one back. OrnamentsWithLove.com has been in the retail gifts business for over 50 years! But in just the last 10 years, they have made it a priority to take what they know and apply it to personalized Christmas ornaments!

So if you’re looking for a few places for personalized ornaments but don’t want to spend a ton of money, I promise that you won’t have. They even have a category for items under $10 so if you’re trying to save money this Christmas but still want to show that special someone you care, you won’t want to miss it!


Christmas in July: Christmas Faves July 13, 2009

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We all have our favorites when it comes to Christmas. We all have our favorite decorations, songs, movies, and books. I certainly have my fair share of favorites, especially when it comes to decorations and movies.

I love nutcrackers. I know that to some people, they are rather creepy looking and wouldn’t want them watching over their Christmas tree. They have this malice look about them as if they are going to steal your presents. But I love how they look! I think they look rather interesting. Considering they are made in Germany, that makes it all worthwhile! I’ll often glance through a catalog and see a nutcracker. I’d look at the price, look at the nutcracker, and look at the price again. It’s nice to dream that maybe one day I’ll eventually own the Limited Edition Merlin The Magician Nutcracker or the 2007 Steinbach Nutcracker Dutch Santa Sinterklaas. In fact, I currently own only 1 nutcracker I bought at ROSS. That’s what got me started on wanting to collect Nutcrackers. I understand that that good quality nutcrackers can pretty much break the bank, there is no harm in dreaming, right?

As far as movies go, well, that’s difficult to say. I love all sorts of Holiday movies from Meet Me in St. Louis to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to even A Charlie Brown Christmas. But I’d have to say that my favorite Christmas movie is “The Polar Express”. I know it’s a movie made specially for children, but I look forward to it EVERY year. It includes one of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks. It also makes you want to believe that Santa is real and in some way, as I am watching it, I find myself believing in Santa. If only for a split second, I feel like a kid again. By the time my birthday rolls around on December 12th, I can promise you that it will be bought for year-round enjoyment!


Decorator I am not… April 23, 2009

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Crone and Bear It’s newest blog post reminded me that I am far from ever being a house decorator.

You can tell that the bedroom belongs to someone who isn’t in her 30’s. There are stuffed animals everywhere (okay, not everywhere. Several on the desk, on a nightstand, and on a shelf), mismatched curtains, a HUGE Longhorns above to bed like a headboard, and books everywhere. CDs are strewn about and none of the covers match. In fact, I have a black/beige blanket while Twin has a designer-looking blanket. Nothing seems to match and even the UT stuff I have accumulated are in different places. Even some of the curtains are hanging at different lengths.

Yea, I am 100% sure I am not a decorator.

I would watch HGTV for those home decorating shows and feel inspired. I would look around the bedroom and think “Oh yea, if we move this over here, it would look better!”. I would move the item but would be faced with another dilemma- where to put the item that was just replaced with something else. Because we don’t have storage or a big house for that matter, we have boxes stacked in the bedroom. It looks like we could be moving! So naturally, if I can’t find an item that was replaced for something else, it goes into a box. Yes, the boxes are labeled. Told you it looked like we’re moving.

Luckily, after Valentine’s Day, I finally put my prized Nutcracker away until the Holidays. But another problem goes along with that. What the hell do I put in there for Spring? I have cats so plants are out of the question. I have a dog so indoor trees are out of the question. I don’t even have a stuffed bunny. Sad, I know. I would love to paint the bedroom a nice rich dark color but where to put the pets while we paint is a problem. Princess and Patches don’t exactly get along. We’re not sure why. Maybe I’ll just buy yards and yards of fabric and use it as wallpaper. Safe, easy, efficient, and reuseable. Yea, fabric as wall paper. Brilliant idea!

I need art… March 28, 2009

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Yet another artist started following me on Twitter. Now don’t get me wrong- I love art and paintings. I’m a lot more cultured than I seem to be. I know who painted the Sistine Chapel, what a Van Gogh looks like, and what the “Girl With A Pearl Earring” looks like (though I can’t tell you who painted it.). I love art.

But I realized that I would like some paintings from people all over the world for my house. I can’t keep my University of Texas Longhorns Dancing Bevo up forever. When I actually leave for college, I’m going to need something to actually adorn my apartment with instead of my UT blanket and Bevo. Even though twin is going to University of Texas and those things will come in handy, I’m not. It’s going to seem weird if I invite a friend over and they see all of this Texas stuff (you don’t want a list of what I have; trust me.). Maybe I’ll send some with twin and kept only 1 or 2 items. Bevo stays.

I don’t know if I’m just being a whiny brat today (which is probable) or I’m finally feeling better enough post something with meaning. Who knows. Who cares.

Pillowtop or something! March 3, 2009

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Lately I’ve been getting a good night’s rest. Most of it I attribute to my finally getting my body back to where it should be. I’ve eaten enough bananas to make a monkey jealous and have gotten enough rest to make even a couch potato seem like he’s a linebacker in the NFL.

And while I know I am getting a good night’s rest, something bothers me about sleeping. The bed has become so uncomfortable. I know I shouldn’t complain because I at least have a bed to sleep on. But with someone that has arthritis in HER HIP, it’s hard to get comfortable without writhing in pain. As I was laying down today to get my daily nap (Yes, I take daily naps. Trust me, they work.), I started watching something on the Discovery Channel. I think the show was “How It’s Made” or something to that effect. They were making down and feather bed…. stuff. They showed the finally feather pillow and down pillowtop on a nice bed. It looks so pretty! So I vowed at that moment in time (somewhere between conscious and dead to the world) that whenever I had the money, I was going to buy a pillowtop for the bed.

Oh yea, on a really random note: Zeus went to the park for the first time since the accident. He loved it! He ran around a little, didn’t bark at anyone, found a thick pecan stick (yes, we brought it home for him), drank some water… oh he had fun! Which makes me think… How on Earth can dogs get excited about sticks? Unless it’s a challenge and something to chew on? I don’t know. But what do I do know is that he won’t need another stick for a while. It’s atleast 2 inches thick. Yep, he’s gonna be busy.