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We’ve moved! September 10, 2009

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movedYou know how about a month ago that I was saying Manders and I were gonna have our own .com? Well, because of a few things, we couldn’t. But thanks to Manders winning a Visa gift card, we finally were able to! What happened was that we had our hosting site, just not our own domains. What can I say, we’ve never done this before.

Now, I have one current giveaway here and will have another one here as well. I had originally signed up for that specific giveaway with THIS blog (the other one didn’t exist yet) and since most of my readers know where to go for reviews/giveaways, I thought that it would seem a lot easier for them to enter than to have to switch blogs. Speaking of which, if you have signed up via e-mail through THIS specific blog, you will have to subscribe to the other one and unsubscribe from this one. After these 2 giveaways, I will no longer be posting on this one. You don’t need to subscribe to the other one right now as I don’t have everything where it should be.

If you’re interested in seeing the new Texas Banter, head over to TexasBanter.com!


Colds and Movies April 27, 2009

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It has been raining since this morning.

Well, actually it isn’t raining anymore but it had pretty much been raining all day. Why I didn’t think to put on pants instead of wearing shorts, I don’t know. But I have been pretty much in and out of the rain all day in a t-shirt and shorts. And I know you can’t get sick from just being wet, but I think I may have contracted a cold. Naturally, with the swine flu cases, my sister is freaking out that I may have swine flu. Even if I did, the only thing that would have to be done is keep me home-bound. But even with this cold, I probably won’t be getting out much because I don’t want to get other people catch the cold and send them into a frenzy thinking they have swine flu. I don’t want to cause a Central Texas panic just because I have a simple cold (or is it a sinus infection? Huh.). That would make my life a living hell. That would pretty much suck.

I have fallen in love. Not with some other guy (besides Cyber Guy but he already knows. LOL). But with a movie. A movie I have watched over and over agian until I pretty much know what they are going to say or what they are going to do. My new love is “You’ve Got Mail”. Now, I’m not one for Romantic Comedies because of the whole “romantic” part. But because I met Cyber Guy online, it makes a lot of sense. We don’t have meaningful conversations like Kathleen Kelley and Joe Fox do on “You’ve Got Mail” but I do relish the times we have together, for however long they may be. I already know what happens in the movie but my heart beats wildly at the fact that this happens everyday. People sign on, go into some chatroom, have interesting conversations, and eventually end up together. Or perhaps they use no specifics and don’t tell each other their names until they are absolutely sure they can handle everything that will be said. It’s a thought, right?

Maybe the next time I sign into a Yahoo! chatroom, I’ll met some guy and we can exchange e-mails without being at all specific and eventually end up as a couple. Or maybe I’ll just finish watching the movie and move onto the next one borrowed from the local library: Sweeney Todd.

Decisions Decisions… March 26, 2009

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Lately I’ve been hammering on and on about wanting to review products and possibly hold a giveaway. Everyone else is doing it- it sounds like fun! And you know me- I’m all about fun. I’m the epitome of fun. I even have fun when I sleep. Ok, so not really but you get the idea.

As I was going down the list of other blog buttons and reading them, I stopped and wondered- maybe I could have a Texas Banter Reviews blog. But I stopped myself. I just can’t handle another blog. I update this one daily, Frugal Sissy weekly, and TwinTastic whenever I can remember. On top of that, I have to study for college AND find out what kind of business my family can start. Oy!  What was I thinking? You’d figure that after over 200 posts on here, several on the others, and College Algebra that my brain would be fried. But remember- I’m witty!

Of course, I’m still looking for products to review. I have a product from BzzAgent to review but it’s a Clean & Clear Makeup Removal kit so that will have to wait when I paint my pretty face for the boys. Who knows when that will be. Makeup + cold = weird complexion. I learned that the hard way one day. I was sick with a cold and when I’m sick, I’m pale. So I thought putting a darker foundation would help. Boy was I wrong! It looked like my face had tanned while I had on longjohns. But when I review the product (on BzzAgent as well on TB), I’ll get lucky and get more inquiries for a review/giveaway.

I still wish I could get rid of this cold and wish the dog would take a nap. He’s grumpy and needs one. So do I.

Tweet tweet! March 25, 2009

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You know what’s funny about Twitter? That even my local TV stations twitter!Hell, I’m even following the local newspaper! Screw buying it- I could just read their tweets.

https://twitter.com/kwtx (TV channel- has the coolest weather people!)

https://twitter.com/RustyGarrettWx (the coolest meterologist from KWTX!)

https://twitter.com/wacotrib (The Waco-Tribune Herald- local paper!)

https://twitter.com/FirstAlert25WX (First Alert Weather for KXXV- TV station just literately down the road)

It was interesting to see what reports they receive before it even hits the air! But also I love knowing that I have local weather alerts at my finger tips just in case I’m not close to the TV (or have it on). I’ll often “re tweet” them just in case I have people from Texas on my list! Oh wanna know another cool guy to follow?

Besides following the “Dog Whisperer”, you can follow one of my favorite TV hosts- Andrew Zimmern (host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel.


What can I say- I like to tweet.

This was a boring post!

Holy moly! March 20, 2009

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I feel so loved. Wanna know why?

As I was adding some widgets and stuff to my blog, I noticed how many comments I had. True that it is not as many as others have but I feel so loved! I finally hit the 300 comment mark! A year ago, I didn’t even think I would have 300 comments, let alone over 35,000 views!  I wonder why people feel so pulled to Texas Banter.

I surely don’t have an interesting life. I’m just a 24-year-old trying to get into college while often having fights with my computer and twin sister (whos new nickname is “Twister”. “Twin” “Sister”… get it?) and boughts with my health. I can only imagine that there are more interesting blogs around the Information Highway than lil’ ol’ me. I don’t konw why people are so interested in me going on about fractions and studying for college. That, to me, has to be the most boring stuff I’ve ever posted.

Maybe they’re more interested and keep an eye peeled out just in case I talk about Cyber Guy again. Which, they will get their wish. I talked to him Wednesday evening and asked him if he had heard an answer since Sunday he called and told me he was supposed to hear a definite answer on Monday. He didn’t and while I felt bad for him, I felt a little relieved since he wasn’t going to be leaving me so soon. He had said that if he gotten a “yes”, he was going to be gone by the end of next week. But if he does get a “yes”, I will be happy for him and wish him the best. We will still get to see each other ocassionally so I guess not all is lost.

But what baffles me is why people are so interested in Texas Banter. Do I have something in my teeth?


I spoke too soon. He got the transfer.

Let there be light! March 16, 2009

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It’s about damn time! About Wednesday night, it started raining. That was okay. We needed the rain badly because we were in a drought. Thursday- raining all day. I could live with the rain. But it was cold and depressing. Same as Friday. Onto Saturday, the clouds, rain, and cold come. Talk about depressing!

Sunday rolls around. It’s a little chilly and cloudy most of the day. When we only have 2 1/2 hours of daylight left, the clouds part and the sun comes out! I haven’t seen the sun since Wednesday morning. Oh it was so beautiful!

The sun is still shining but can’t enjoy much of it- I have a stinkin’ ear infection! I hate to rant and vent, but ugh! If it’s not one thing, it sure is another. But still hanging in there… almost done with studying for the THEA! I just need the finish the math, look up “Lowest Common Denominator” (because I’m an idiot at math), and then once I review it, I should be good to go. I’m also reading the last book of the “Henry Thompson” series and start another series by Huston. So far, this new series is freakin weird but freakin awesome!


Weather & Such… March 10, 2009

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Nope, still no computer. I’m hoping that will change soon. I have a sinus infection so I don’t feel 100% but needed to do some research so I dragged myself o the library.

I probably won’t post tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be stormy and I plan to stay home. I wish our computer worked. That way I could possibly post pictures of lightning. I highly doubt it but you never know.

Oh yeah. By the way, if everything works out, I could possibly be selling gourmet candles soon. Yay! I love candles, what can I say.

I hope everyone is doing well. I miss each and every one of you and promise to start commenting again soon.

The Saga continues! February 19, 2009

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Yes, I am still at the library. Yes, I am, once again, having computer problems.

Let me back up a few days. On Tuesday evening, my mom updated our virus program and she had to restart it. So she did… Well, the monitor started saying “Check Signal Cable”. We had no idea what that meant until we realized something- duh, the signal cable! It’s probably old and needs to be replaced. We’re HOPING that’s what the problem is. If not, I’m going to scream and throw BOTH computers out the door.

So after we are done here, we’re going to go search for a replacement cable (ya know, the one that hooks up from the monitor to the computer) and hope it works. If it does, I will most likely start holding the giveaway. If not, you might have to wait until we get this figured out.

I know, I know. You were all excited about it but this has happened beyond my control. I swear- technology is out to get us!

If you see another post today, then it worked. If you don’t- well, you get the idea.

Once again, I am so sorry.

My Words of the Day February 18, 2009

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It has occurred to me that I talk… a lot. But lately, I’ve been having “words of the day”. For instance, a couple of days ago when me and Manders were talking, I kept saying “exactly” and I realized that I practically said it all day. Today, my word is “yea”. Yea this, yea that. Yea. Maybe tomorrow my “word of the day” will be “maybe”. Ya never know.

I have no idea where I was going with this. But anyways, I’m at the library. Again. Our old computer wouldn’t turn on this morning and we realized that maybe it wasn’t a “morning person”. It has trouble turning on in the morning but has no problem whatsoever turning on in the afternoon. I hate technology. It drives me insane and frustrates me. The computer I’m on won’t allow me to enter my sweeps (refer to archives), check MySpace, or even sit in a comfortable chair. I hate technology.

I NOW know what I will use for a prize in my up-coming giveaway. I know that not everyone will enter it because they have to have it but since no one has given me ideas or willing to sponsor the giveaway, I am dealing with what I have. How come everyone else gets to have their giveaway sponsored except me? I realized I’m not wildly popular on the Internet but damnit, I deserve something! Geez!

I am done ranting. Yea.


Need a few more ideas! February 16, 2009

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I’m going to say this once more and probably won’t mention it again until it’s time- if you’ve read my blog, you know I am going to be hosting a giveaway.

While I have an idea for 1 prize, I’m not sure how many people would like it. I want to be able to have it to where everyone (or pretty much most of them) would entering and receiving the prize. This is NOT the giveaway but somewhat of a participation in it. You don’t get any entries and you’re name isn’t entered into a hat for it. You are participating in what you COULD win. With that being said, I need your ideas!

If you have an idea for another prize that isn’t too terribly expensive, let me know! Sit there, think about it, and tell me! If I like it enough, I’ll put BOTH prizes up for grabs! If I pick your prize, I won’t tell you! I’ll let it be a surprise.

Now tell me those ideas!

Sponsor my giveaway! February 14, 2009

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For some reason, I am having trouble finding a sponsor to hold the giveaway!

I know it’s scary to sponsor a “newbie” giveaway, but that’s how most blog giveaways get started, right? I’m not holding this giveaway just to hold a giveaway, ya know what I mean? My readers (invisible or otherwise) have been so kind- offering words of encouragement when Zeus got into that accident, when I had heartbreaks, when I had a new crush, when I threw that bowling ball at my friend, when Christmas rolled around, when I turned 24, when I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I don’t consider this giveaway to be selfish and I’m not doing it to raise traffic to my blog. That’s what I have you guys for. 😉 I am merely doing this because you all have been with me this past year and I want to give back to you all in some way, shape, or form. Ain’t I nice?

Now with that being said-

If you would like to sponsor my VERY first giveaway, please e-mail at texas_heartland84[at]yahoo[dot]com. We can discuss the matters there. But think about this: You are helping a young woman who wants to give back to her avid readers but needs your help. Your store/products/website will gain amazing volume and most likely, gain some sales! It will also give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are donating. Who doesn’t like that feeling you get?

So, if you are interesting, e-mail me at the above mentioned address or click the “Contact Me” below my banner!

It’s Almost Midnight January 26, 2009

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I seemed to have developed insomnia. I will wake up close to 10 AM (unless I have something to do that morning or during the day that requires more energy) but can stay up until 2 in the morning. I’ve never had insomnia this bad.

But yes, it’s almost midnight and I have completely exhausted ideas of what to do online. I’ve “sweeped” (check earlier blogs for more information on what this means), I’ve posted in forums, I’ve sent countless e-mails, I’ve IMed every person online on my Yahoo! Messenger, and I’ve listened to over 3 hours of music on the Ipod. I don’t know what to do now…

This is a meaningless post, so if it’s boring, I apologize. I guess I could go to bed, watch TV before I finally pass out. But have you noticed that even TV has gotten boring? I mean, unless I have digital cable with 200 channels (which I don’t), there is NOTHING on at 1 in the morning except informercials. I have seen the informercial with Air Supply so many times, I can move my lips with them as I am watching.

Oh god, I just realized something. I need a hobby.

Insuring a Leprechaun January 22, 2009

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Ok, so the smallest things amuse me. I know you. You know it.

But earlier, I was searching for Irish and Celtic proverbs/quotes to put on my MySpace page. So in Google, I typed “Celtic Quotes”, thinking I’m gonna get tons and tons of websites just for what it is. Nope. Boy was I wrong! The following links were for Celtic Health Insurance. No lie. Goggle “Celtic Quotes” if you don’t believe me!

I was also in a Pagan chatroom at the time and told them of my findings. Most of them were surprised but one had a funny remark to say. Now, if you are brushed up on your Irish characters, we should all know what MAJOR Irish/Celtic character is widely known. He replies with “Does this mean I get to insure my leprechaun?”. As you can imagine everyone in the room starts laughing. I was so tempted to find the paper application for Celtic Health Insurance and put “Leprechaun” as a person to insure.

Can you imagine, though?

I feel old… January 14, 2009

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And I feel old as hell!

I was listening to LaunchCast on Yahoo! Messenger when a song came on that took me to my teenage years. Now, keep in mind I am 24 and I was 16 only 8 years ago. If you remember about 8 years ago, boy bands and bubblegum pop roamed the earth. Yes, I was a huge fan of the BackStreet Boys. I still listen to their earlier songs every now and then when I feel nostalgic.

Manders walks in while I’m listening to the song and we start talking about what other songs the band had that we loved when we were 16. So, I went to CDNOW.com in search of other songs from the era. I started clicking on albums and songs, and by the time I was finished, we had relived our whole teenage music life.

I leave you this little gem in memory of a lost (thankfully!) era:

I am wondering… January 13, 2009

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As we all tend to do. But I was laying in bed, not really feeling well, and thinking of my blog readers. I was wondering how many were female, how many were male, how many were aliens from outer space, how many were young, and all the rest. So what did I do the minute I logged on this morning? I created 2 polls! One to tell me which gender my faithful readers are, and one for their ages. I doubt I get any teenagers reading but you never know!