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Summer Memories August 10, 2009

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I’m gonna take you back to about 2003 or 2005. It was July 4th and we were out at the Waco 4th of July event. Besides the fireworks as the main event, country singer/songwriter Anthony Smith was performing. He has written hits for many country artists including George Straight and Trisha Yearwood.

Anyways, I was first in line after his performance at his bus to meet him. I watched the fireworks from there and not even 5 minutes after the fireworks ended, Anthony and his band members walked out of the bus. One member said “I can’t believe we missed them!”. Anthony walks up to me and asks my name. I told him my name and handed him a picture to sign. I ask him if I could take a picture with him (since I had already taken pictures with Blake Shelton, Cory Morrow, and Pat Green years before). He was so nice, he gave me another hug after the picture!

The next day, Monday, I received a check from Country Music Weekly for a survey I sent in. I cashed it and ended up buying his CD. I thought it was really weird that I received the check the day after I met him! Unfortunately, the picture of him and I are in a photo album that’s stashed somewhere so I can’t show you.

That was one of the coolest Summers I remember! Do you have a cool favorite Summer memory?


CIJ: Favorite Songs July 31, 2009

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Thanks to Confetti Dreams, I thought I would end Christmas In July here at Texas Banter with some of my favorite songs. I know it seems like I am copying her, but c’mon! She’s my twin! She has some of the best ideas!

But it was VERY hard to choose my Top 10 all-time favorite Christmas songs. It’s like asking someone who loves chocolate to choose their favorite piece. It’s impossible! But here goes:

10. The Christmas Song by Luther Vandross – I consider Luther Vandross a legend when it comes to love songs. While “The Christmas Song” isn’t exactly a love song, it can sure turn into one. When I hear him sing it, I just want to sit by a fire with someone and cuddle. It’s always been a favorite of mine, even if it isn’t sung by Vandross. But his rendition will always remain a favorite of mine.

9. Christmas Cookies by George Strait – I am not afraid to say that I listen to country, especially George Strait. We own every Christmas album George has put out and know every song by heart. While “Frosty the Snowman”  and “All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth” are so greatly sung by this King of Country, I prefer “Christmas Cookies”. It’s hilarious and you can just feel the Christmas magic when you hear it. Sure he doesn’t talk about Christmas trees or decorations and it’s more about cookies, you know it’s Christmas.

8. Let It Snow ’98 by Brian McKnight – I absolutely love Brian McKnight. When he sings Christmas songs, you get the feeling of Christmas. It just feels a lot more like Christmas when you hear him crooning out songs that are filled with magic. And considering he sings it with Boyz II Men just makes it that much more wonderful!

7. O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night by Trans-Siberian OrchestraYou’re probably wondering why I didn’t choose “Wizards in Winter” from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Well, it’s widely used and not a lot of people know about their other works, which are amazing. I have this CD and I have loved it ever since. I wish I could see them live.

6. Believe by Josh Groban – This is from “The Polar Express”, which is an amazing movie. But this song is so powerful and you can just feel what Groban is feeling. This song gives me chills every time I hear it. It will forever remain a favorite and one that I will play for years to come.

5. Heavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days of Christmas) by Twisted Sister -I am a metalhead through and through. But because I enjoy all kinds of music, this ranks #5 on my list. I love Twisted Sister’s Christmas album “Twisted Christmas” because its Christmas and it’s metal, what more could ya ask for? But this song is somewhat humorous. Instead of 5 golden rings and and 2 turtle doves, Twisted Sister gets 5 skull earrings and 2 pairs of spandex pants. It’s heavy metal the magic of Christmas! Oh yea!

4. This Christmas by Jagged Edge – Now you should already know that Jagged Edge would have been on the list somewhere. This isn’t the song you hear from Elliot Yamin or Chris Brown. This has different lyrics and a different feel, but one that I enjoy so much. Their harmony just brings out the song that no one can compete with. Once I play it on my iPod this Holiday season, there it will stay!

3. Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry – Manders forgot about this one! It’s a classic and I love classics! I remember when I was little and our parents had an old record player and old Christmas records. Every time Christmas came, we would put that album on and turn it to this song because we just loved it. In 1946, he wrote the song because of a Christmas Parade in Los Angeles. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Winter Wonderland by George Strait – You can’t deny that George Strait is great! I love this song, especially when George sings it! He brings a fun vibe and it just feels like Christmas! I’m surprised Sissy forgot to add it to her list! But then again, she wouldn’t have to. She could just add every single Christmas album by the King of Country!

1.  Here We Come A-Wassailing – So many people sing this but I still love it! It’s a fun song and so much fun to sing! It’s joyful and so cheerful, that you can’t help but feel happiness when you sing it with friends. No one knows exactly when it was written or it’s exact origin, but to know that it is still sung through the centuries just to show that it’s such a great song!

I appreciate everyone joining all of us for our first Christmas in July event! It was so much fun that we have decided to do more events! We will have a Halloween event starting the first week of October, maybe a Thanksgiving event, but definitely Christmas will be our 3rd major event (considering Manders and I love Halloween and we plan to make it a major event as well). We hope you enjoyed everything and our memories!

CIJ: Gift Ideas for Kids/Teens July 4, 2009

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Even with children, they seem to be the easiest to shop for. They can be picky, but they also enjoy unwrapping gifts and squealing with delight as they realized that they got something off their Christmas list (even if it isn’t the exact Barbie doll they wanted). I have realized through tons of TV watching and Christmas shopping, Moms and Dads are going towards educational and personalized gifts to give their children. At Happy Kids Personalized, there are a lot of items to choose from, including personalized music CDs, children’s books, and even personalized T-Shirts. With Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother items on the rise, there should be no surprise that their products will end up on Christmas lists all around the world.

While action figures and dolls are envitable as they are synonmous with Christmas gifts, give them the gift of creativity with arts and crafts. At Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, you can usually find craft kits that includes painting, art sand, and even mosiacs. Letting them use their creative noodle not only keeps them occupied, they’ll use that same creativity and imagination later in life. Trust me- I was big on crafts when I was younger.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but I was hoping vintage toys would make a comeback. I remember getting a Furby for Christmas and a LiteBrite one year. While they aren’t what they used to be, they still sell the Mousetrap game and Simon games at Toys R Us.

But if you’re having problems figuring out what to get your teenager, DVDs of their favorite TV shows/artists and electronics are the way to go. As I went into my teens years, it got harder for Mom to shop for Manders and I because we weren’t particular in what we wanted. We were going through that stage so we had made it difficult. iPods, iPod decks, and even Guitar Hero video games seem to be what is currently popular with this age. If you do decide to get them Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I can say that it will pay for itself. As your teen continues playing, they will continue to keep getting better at it and there are other versions of them to buy so they they never have to play the same song month after month after month. If they’re friends receive a Guitar Hero guitar in the same platform, they can play against each other to see who has the highest score! You can also get the a gift card to iTunes so they can download their favorite music to place on an iPod they already have.

I may not have children but I sure do speak from experience!


Cats & Books April 29, 2009

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This isn’t going to be an interesting post. But because of the Swine flu outbreak and regular flu cases here in my area, I am homebound. I can get out for the ride, I can’t get out of the car. So I won’t be able to speak of the hot guy I saw on the way home or some cute guy saying “Hi” to me on the way out of the store (if that ever happens.). So naturally, I am inclined to speak of Smokie, Zeus, the books I am reading, or the music I am listening to. Or maybe perhaps the weird stuff I do when I am not blogging. Ok, I really don’t do any weird stuff when I’m not online. I read, watch TV, sleep (which I seem to be doing a lot lately), or study. Speaking of studying, I need to get back to doing that. Maybe I will this evening. Otherwise I’ll never be ready for that test.

Smokie has seemed to developed a habit of sticking her tail into their water bowl. For the second time today when I pet her, her tail was wet. I know it can’t be from cleaning herself because even when she grooms, she isn’t soaking wet. Since I am witty, I kept saying “Are you leaking? My cat is leaking!” and the family laughed. It just seems weird because the tip of her tail seems to be wet and I can’t figure it out unless she IS leaking or sticking it in the water bowl. Well atleast when it comes time for her Spring bath, she’ll be used to water. Yes, I bathe my cat. It’s not as hard as it seems when you start young. Except one year on my birthday, she escaped my grasp and the bathroom. She was trailing cat shampoo and water all over the house. Just to piss her off, I relathered her.

I am still reading the Twilight series. I am currently on the 3rd book and am in love with it. I would love to fall in love with a vampire like Edward that has superhuman powers. I know it’s just fantasy. But how cool would it be to fall in love with someone that makes your heart beat fast with every thought of his/her voice or knee-wobbling kisses. We all dream of that. I am also re-reading “A Dirty Job” by Christopher Moore. I bought the book after I checked it out from the library because I loved it. I can’t say what it’s about without going to Google for a synopsis or reading the book to give you one. It’s been about a year or two since I’ve read it so I don’t remember everything. But there is one funny part that always keeps me laughing (even if it is a bit morbid)- everytime his daughter says “kitty”, anyone in the near vicinity drops dead. I know it shouldn’t be funny but if there was a killer on the loose and all you had to say was “kitty” to get him dead?

You will not believe what song I am currently listening to! Does anyone remember the first time they heard Henry Hall’s “Teddy Bear Picnic”?

Fads and Movies April 22, 2009

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Thanks to Manders, I am now following a fad. Oh you means, beside Twitter? I’m the one that started the fad within my family.

But I am currently reading the first book of the “Twilight” series. Manders wanted to read it to see what all the fuss was about. Now she knows. She eventually asked me to read it. I thought “Oh great, I am following a fad. I hate fads.” but to much of my surprise, the first book is so far good! Granted, I am only on Chapter 6. I would fall in love with Edward too! Something about being a Vampire and stealth is sexy to me. I checked out the 2nd book from the library as well so I can read it when I’m done with the first.

I also check out “Chicago” and “Now and Then” from the library. Both of them happen to be one of my favorite movies! I tend to lean towards musicals every once in a while (don’t act so shocked!) so I knew I would automatically love “Chicago”.  And Renee Zellwegger is one of my favorite actresses. Not to mention the soundtrack and music is just awesome! I even have some of the songs on the old iPod. Love iPods. I like “Now and Then” because I used to watch it when I was a teenager because Mom would watch it. It’s just a funny little movie where you can escape to another time and place.

Oh yea, and obviously, even though computer screens, people can tell we’re twins. Conley Isom, a meteorologist from KXXV (the place I went before. Remember from “My awesome memory!”?) is following both me and Manders on Twitter. I don’t know what my sister said, but Conley asked who her sister was. She said me. He replied with “I thought ya’ll were sisters!”. So me and the twin are either so memorable, we resemble each other. Or people can just tell no matter what. That was very cool!

I wish it wasn’t 90*. It’s too early to be too hot. I’m going to take a cold shower.

Yanni Voices April 20, 2009

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I usually don’t have you guys check out music on my blog because my taste may differ from everyone else but I found this CD so relaxing!

Saxon CD Review April 18, 2009

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Once again, this CD is a win in a contest from House of Hair (hosted by Dee Snider). This review will be of their current album, “Into the Labyrinth”- which was actually recorded in Germany and released this year.

I love heavy metal and British band Saxon falls under that category with being progressive metal. From my POV, progressive metal is melodic melodies with lyrics rich in riddles and fantasiful undertones. Progressive metal bands include Kamelot, Epica, and Queensrÿche. But Saxon doesn’t stop there with songs like “Slow Lane Blues”, which are reminscient of ACDC. “Valley of the Kings”, which covers historical events, reminds you of Iron Maiden with modern guitar riffs and breaks (or solos.)

Most of their songs have that present heaviness that metal is synonomous with and the heavy metal hand raised high.

I love this CD. Saxon rocks!

Track List

01. Battalions Of Steel
02. Live To Rock
03. Demon Sweeney Todd
04. The Letter
05. Valley Of The Kings
06. Slow Lane Blues
07. Crime Of Passion
08. Premonition in D Minor
09. Voice
10. Protect Yourselves
11. Hellcat
12. Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
13. Coming Home (Bottleneck Version)

Inside my dreams… April 17, 2009

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I have some weird dreams. I mean really weird dreams. It could be scary dreams, funny dreams, or dreams that make no sense- as I’m sure we all do. But in the past, I had previously had dreams of country singer Chris Cagle. I love Chris Cagle, think he is the sexiest country singer there is, and know every single one of his songs by heart. Yea, I love him.

Last night, he entered my dreams once again. What was the dream? “It was my birthday so I had entered his fan club just because I loved his music. We went to some place on vacation where we found out that it was where all the fan club stuff was sent to those who had signed up. If I’m correct, it came with 2 cards with like biographical information (height, weight, favorite color, etc.), a cute teddy bear, a t-shirt, and other items I can’t remember. Not long after walking out of the building, I saw Chris Cagle and 2 assistants getting into a boat. The lady, who I guess was the manager, turned around and said “Chris is here for a little while. For those who are in ear-shot of this, feel free to come into the boat and spent a couple of hours with Chris.”. So we all got into the boat and I was 2nd for an autograph and when he asked me my name, I could only squeak out “Angela- and it’s my birthday”. We had fun. I was able to sit next to Chris most of the time (while almost peeing my pants in my sleep), and just have a great time!”

I have not dreamed of Chris Cagle in what seems forever. The last time I dreamed of Chris Cagle, I was meeting him and got a poster of mine autographed. Sure, I would LOVE to meet Chris Cagle in real life. Hell, I’ve met Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Emerson Drive, and Blake Shelton in real life- why can’t I just meet Chris Cagle? And masybe profess my undying love for him- JUST KIDDING! I would love to eventually meet Chris Cagle. Maybe when I least expect it. One can wish, right?

15 Things About Me April 8, 2009

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Since things are starting to look up for the family, I thought I would write a happy post. Sure I pretty much just put everything out there for the world to read on a daily basis- or do I? How much do you truly know about Texas Banter? Here are 15 things you would have never guessed:

1. I know every song by R&B group Jagged Edge by heart and love them to death. Name a song and I’ll give you the CD and track number.

2. I can only drink Dr Pepper or generic Dr Pepper. I refuse to drink any other soda unless its Sprite and I have the flu.

3. I used to be blonde for 8 years before a tragic breakup made me dye it.

4. I live for Subway and their tuna footlongs.

5. Football fanatic!

6. I started using computers when I was 15 but can’t build my own- go figure!

7. I am only 2 minutes older than Twin and take great pride in being the “big sister”.

8. I know a little Scottish Gaelic, German, and Spanish.

9. I like all kinds of music but mostly R&B and heavy metal (with country and other genres thrown in for good measure.)

10. I LOVE horror movies- I prefer those over action or suspense.

11. My cat, Smokie, has my nickname from high school as her name.

12. I share a birthday (Dec. 12th) with Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis.

13. I live for Spring and those hair-raising storms!

14. I try to read 2 books a week.

15. Bill Paxton and Tom Hanks are my favorite actors while Renee Zellwegger is my favorite actress.

Well now you know more about me- any questions?

Closer March 14, 2009

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A long ass time ago (pre-new computer), Manders signed up for One2One Network . If memory serves me right, it’s a place to join (with your blog URL in hand) and you can test products, review products, and sometimes hold a giveaway.

Well, she was able to review the Ballas Hough Band’s- what looks to be- debut album. Now keep in mind that I am a self-proclaimed metal head. If this got out to my metal buddies (besides Darren, who is a lead singer for a thrash metal band in Tennessee but listens to The Temptations and whom I have known for almost 5 years), they would think I was crazy. But I loved it1

They reminded me of my teenage years with Westlife, BackStreet Boys, and BBMak. It was in a bad way. Considering how rap how taken over the country, it was nice to see a true love song that wasn’t about you-know-what and that didn’t sound manufactured. Not to mention those guys are hot!

I don’t know what genre you would place them, but I just found my new favorite CD!


1. Do You Love Me

2. Devastated

3. Closer

4. She Was The One

5. Longing For

6. Birthday

7. Fall

8. Do It For You

9. Break Through

10. Together Faraway

11. Underwater

I feel old… January 14, 2009

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And I feel old as hell!

I was listening to LaunchCast on Yahoo! Messenger when a song came on that took me to my teenage years. Now, keep in mind I am 24 and I was 16 only 8 years ago. If you remember about 8 years ago, boy bands and bubblegum pop roamed the earth. Yes, I was a huge fan of the BackStreet Boys. I still listen to their earlier songs every now and then when I feel nostalgic.

Manders walks in while I’m listening to the song and we start talking about what other songs the band had that we loved when we were 16. So, I went to CDNOW.com in search of other songs from the era. I started clicking on albums and songs, and by the time I was finished, we had relived our whole teenage music life.

I leave you this little gem in memory of a lost (thankfully!) era:

It’s here! December 9, 2008

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Ah, the feeling of Christmas has finally arrived! As I sit here, I am listening to Brian McKnight’s “The First Noel” and the lights all aglow. It just feels like Christmas, ya know? Maybe it’s because R&B Christmas music is just so soulful and heart-warming, it gives it that extra little magic. I don’t know.

But I do rememer that last year, it didn’t even feel like Christmas. It just didn’t have that magic Christmas is supposed to have. Maybe because I didn’t let the magic grow. Maybe because after everything I’ve been through these past 6 months, I am able to enjoy the Holidays a little more.

Yes! The countdown to Birthday 24 finally begins! I know, I know. I know I’ve already mentioned my birthday but I’ve always been excited about my birthday. Still don’t have a gift for sissy. But I plan to get it on Thursday. KNwoing me, I will most likely need all day to pick up just 1 present. I know she’s not picky but I am. One Christmas, I spent an hour deciding on what to get her.

Hopefully the birthday card will be easier to choose.

Guitar Hero? Build-A-Bear? September 26, 2008

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Thanks to “E”, we are officially getting Guitar Hero for Christmas. Which one, I’m not sure. That’s up to Manders.

“E”- They have the Mario theme song on Guitar Hero III.

Me- Really?

“E”- Yea. It’s pretty bad ass.

(“E” shows me the YouTube video for the song.)

Me- Damn! I wouldn’t even attempt that!

“E”- That’s on expert.

Me- Ya think?

Remember in one of my earlier posts I said that “E” played Guitar Hero at Toys R Us? Wait, did I even mention that? Oh well. But he’s been wanting it for a while. Then he got me wanting it. The next person to want it? Manders, naturally.

I can just imagine 3 people, 1 guitar.  Either we will all be laughing, getting mad, or fighting over who’s turn it is. Now if only we could get a 2nd guitar and have battles. Oh that would be so much fun! Well not really. Once you think about it, twin sisters and a sister’s boyfriend having battles. All 3 of us are pretty much competitive. We’re screwed.

Mom told us the other day that she will be taking all 3 of us to Build-A-Bear to… well, build a bear. I have always wanted to do that! I don’t care if I’m 23, going to be 24 in December. All my life, I wanted to build a bear. Pretty much a mini-me! I looked at their website and they’re so adorable! They have little bear football uniforms (“E” is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Shhh, don’t tell him I told you!) and I know “E” will make a little Tony Romo.

I wanted to make a Texas Longhorns bear (huge UT fan!) but all they have is a small UT shirt that I can make at home. But their cheerleading outfits are adorable! They have an orange and white one, which is UT’s colors. I think I might make a UT cheerbear.

Yea, I think this is going to be a great Christmas (or Yule, for us Pagans).

Can I play Guitar Hero first, though?

Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles August 25, 2008

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I’m gonna post some of my favorite clips from his Pimp Chronicles I show.

Is It Okay To Crap My Pants? July 12, 2008

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I have had such a busy week, I had totally forgotten about a contest I entered. This contest had a prize of winning a phone call from the band SOUL who will be performing at the South Texas Rock Festival tomorrow (July 12th). They would call the winner as they were walking towards the stage while on the speakerphone. The whole phone call would be videoed for SOUL’s “Live from South Texas Rock Fest” DVD.

This morning I got up early because I didn’t sleep much last night. As I checked my messages and e-mail, I noticed I had a message from a Street Team member who put the whole contest together. She said that I had won the contest and would be receiving the phone call! Naturally, I did a little victory dance. That was until it actually started to sink in. I am starting to get a little nervous though I am EXTREMELY excited. I am nervous mostly because I don’t want to make an idiot out of myself and have it broadcasted on a national DVD. But then again, I do embody my nickname and would be memorable!

So is it okay to crap my pants for the win?