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Christmas in July July 1, 2009

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Welcome to the first day of the “Christmas in July” event!

We have a whole month stocked full of early Christmas ideas so you can maybe start getting together your Christmas wishlist, maybe some early shopping ideas, Christmas memories, and ways to decorate for Christmas!

We will also have product reviews AND giveaways! All product reviews and giveaways tied in with “Christmas in July” with have a “CIJ” before the title so you know what to look for. All posts will be listed under “CIJ” on the top just in case you missed it!

Tomorrow, Texas Banter will be holding it’s first “Christmas in July” giveaway and it will be for Dali Decals. So if you are wanting to spruce up your home with some inspirational words or even just a bird (which they have!), don’t forget to enter! It also makes a lovely gift, which you will see in upcoming posts.

Ya know, Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays. While it isn’t my favorite (that title goes to Halloween), it certainly is my next favorite. The cold air just lets know that it is Christmas. I loveseeing the Christmas lights glowing on the outside of homes and the elaborate displays they create. The wrapping paper sparking underneath the Christmas tree. The slow and relaxing sounds of Christmas songs. And spending time with the ones you love.

While we tend to have mild Winters here in Texas, there is no doubt that the cold air that enters your nose as your breath reminds you that Christmas is finally here.

And since the temperature is easily reaching 100* or more, why not cool off your mind with a little Christmas in July?


Another Christmas Morning December 25, 2008

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At my house! Well, technically, it’s the psycho dog’s first Christmas.

But it’s still another normal Christmas morning here at home! Me, Manders, and Mom are up because we didn’t sleep well. And it’s not that we’re excited about opening our gifts from Santa (we did that last night). It’s most likely because we had a rotten Christmas Eve. I won’t go into details but it did pretty much suck to an extent.

But Dog is chasing the cats through the house, the tree is aglow, it’s cold as hell, and I’m hungry.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention what I got from “Santa”! I got a small box that the “Elf” (Manders) passed out and I ripped the paper off and opened the box. I saw all this shredded paper inside and though “What the hell? A box of shredded paper???”. Nope, I had to dig deeper. As I start grabbing the paper and throwing it out, I noticed a black corner. And then the bottom. Guess what “Santa” had gotten me? A genuine leather wallet! Just what I needed!

I got Manders a plasma dragon with the electric bulb that where you touch, you can make your own lightning storm. See?

Then “Santa” gave Mom the coolest thing! He brought her a cat dipped in fragrant wax… It was the cutest thing and she loved it! For Daddy, “Santa” got him “Blade Runner” DVD and a NASCAR M&Ms hat… since he needs more.

Now we await breakfast and when we’re all awake enough to play a few games, the day shall start!

A Letter To Santa December 24, 2008

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We know that every Christmas, kids every where write a letter to Santa. It’s cute and they ask for puppies or dolls. But we have yet to see an adult write one to the big guy in the red suit. I wonder what it would say:

Dear Santa,

Yea, it’s me again. I know I’m older, but there are still a few things I would like to recieve under my tree this year. First, if it isn’t too much trouble, I would like a pound of chocolate that won’t go straight to my hips. I don’t mean that fat-free crap. I mean, the real stuff. You’re Santa, so it should be possible! Oh yea, I also want a man that won’t turn out to be a jackass, Prozac for my psycho dog, a new car, a baseball bat for those nasty bill collectors, and a coffee maker. Oh yea, instead of leaving cookies and milk for you, I left creme brulee and whiskey.