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Update Bookmarks! September 18, 2009

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We have finally moved to TexasBanter.com. All posts, reviews, and giveaways will be held there from now on. We will no longer be posting here so in order to visit the new site, please update any buttons, bookmarks, and blog rolls to http://texasbanter.com. We will still keep this old blog around just in case we missed something when moving everything or someone doesn’t get a chance to update yet.


Updates September 13, 2009

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I know it’s “touch and go” while I get the new TexasBanter.com all situated. But there are a couple of updates I’d like you to know:

1. When you are signing up to subscribe to my blog, you are now signing up  for TexasBanter.com.

2. Adding the Texas Banter button will currently link to TexasBanter.com. I am in the works of trying to find a new theme/layout for the new site, then I will had new buttons but you won’t have to change your current ones if that happens. If you do have buttons on your site, I do ask that you change the link from https://texasheartland.wordpress.com to http://www.texasbanter.com.

3. I am in the process of changing all my information under Texas Banter to fit the new website. It will take a day or two to get everything figured out. Please be patient with me!

Help Our Cause! August 13, 2009

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I usually don’t solicit votes or anything because that just isn’t me. But because of my cause that I’m helping, Toys for Tots, I couldn’t help but let you know that you can help Toys for Tots just by voting.

Boise® X-9® is having a Holiday Carton Promo. Boise will be producing a limited quantity of special edition Boise X-9 paper cartons during the holiday season and they want you to choose your favorite design. But that’s not all- for every vote received, they will be donating $1 to Toys for Tots. Since Manders and I are advocates for the Toys for Tots organization, I know I will be voting every day. But wait, that’s not all!

You can also enter to win 1 or 2 WEEKLY $50 gift cards to Best Buy. So if the Toys for Tots votes weren’t enough incentive for you, I know the gift cards are!

So help us help our cause and enter for the chance to win a gift card to Best Buy!

How Ironic… June 9, 2009

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As Mom, Manders, Dad, and I were leaving this place we had gone after we picked up Dad from work, I noticed that the truck was getting warmer. True that it was 95 out and our vehicle seems to attract heat like a moth to a bug zapper. So I said that when I get too hot in the dog days of Summer, I think of sweaters of the Fall, snow of the Winter, and turkey on Thanksgiving. While the thought of turkey doesn’t naturally bring the idea of “cold”, Thanksgiving can be nicely cool here. Just the idea of putting on a turtleneck (yes, I own one) and going over to my Grandmother’s house while it is 45* outside just makes me wish Fall would come sooner. Naturally, this sparked conversation between everyone.

rsz_1114677_0465_1_lgTwin had replied with something to the effect of buying a bag of ice and just laying on it. But ice in Texas just doesn’t last very long. Then Dad started saying something about ice and the cooling effect just as I turned my head to look out Mom’s driver side window. What I noticed seemed ironic but yet, creepy. Just as he finished saying what he was saying, a truck drove by that had a TCBY sign in the back. I let out this huge grin and said “That’ll work!”. Of course, we weren’t going to get any ice cream because we had ice cream here at home and we had planned on getting pizza for dinner. But the thought that we were thinking of “cooling” ideas.

While I don’t plan on venturing outside after 12pm tomorrow due to the fact that we are to have 100 degree weather with heat indexes well over triple digits, the thought of that TCBY sign going by just as Dad was talking about ice (or was it ice cream?) still makes me giggle. It’s not every day that something like this happens. Nope, surely isn’t.

Congratulations! May 13, 2009

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Texas Banter has it’s first winner-Andria!

Adria won the Premium Mattress Protector from Protect-A-Bed.

If you didn’t win, you still have plenty of chances to win on Texas Banter!

Because that I am now almost fully done with this flu, I can finally review 2 products that I have received. Along with these reviews will also come giveaways. I will not disclose what the products or giveaways are, but I can promise you that you will love them!

So remember to keep an eye on Texas Banter for more reviews, giveaways, and winners!

Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles August 25, 2008

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I’m gonna post some of my favorite clips from his Pimp Chronicles I show.