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Family & Pets

You’ve heard me talk about Mom, Manders, Dad, Princess, Patches, Smokie, Zeus, and Smokie’s kittens. Wanna know more about them?

Mom- I have no current picture of Mom. Ever since her stay in the hospital, I know she isn’t in the mood to have a camera flash in her eyes.

Pictures Aug 2 09 034This is Manders, Twin, Sissy, my sister. Many of you already know her because you read her blog, Confetti Dreams. But what you might now know about her is that like me, she’s a major dork. Do you know of any twin sisters that plan Halloween and Christmas 6 months in advance? I didn’t think so. But when we do plan for things like that, we always make a back-up plan just in case the financial situation doesn’t work out the way we want. Oh yea, she’s also an insomniac. She doesn’t go to sleep until 3 in the morning while I pass out before Midnight.

I don’t have a picture of Dad because he isn’t too keen on pictures. And plus, I never get around to it. He works during the day so I have all night to annoy him.

This is Smokie. You all know her. She’s my 5-year-old spoiled baby that just had babies of her own. So that makes me a kitty grandmother. She Kittens 024has now added new foods and drinks to her favorite list: Peanut butter, cheese, tea, and pizza. She has forgotten her manners of waiting and will try to grab what I’m eating. When I’m drinking tea or water out of a bottle, I have to pour some into the cap for her to drink otherwise she won’t leave me alone. And the 2 little runts are Smokie’s kittens. There is a brother and a sister, with the sister being a day older. We haven’t named them yet because their personalities haven’t started showing but Brother is a Mama’s boy and Sister is an adventurer. They’re about 4 weeks old and getting really playful, though they’re still a little wobbly.

l_fe0ff806659e4d6ca75522bdf2a869b5Meet Zeus. Zeus is our 1-year-old terrorizer of the house. He’s extremely playful and isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks. He enjoys sleeping, biting Dad, barking at the cats, going outside, and going on car rides. He can also shake hands and sit on command. He was in a car accident in January so he isn’t all there and will sometimes bark at nothing or have a bad day, but we still love him. He’s the main reason I wanted to go into Animal Behavior.

I don’t have a picture of Princess, but she is Manders’ 3-year-old tabby. She’s sometimes cranky and will swap at your hand if you try to pet her. But there are times she’s extremely loving, especially if you whisper her name several times or meow at her. She loves playing with furry/feather things and will actually hiss if you move it around the bed. Her and Smokie get a long better than she does with any other pet.

Patches recently passed.


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