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CIJ: Stocking Stuffers July 16, 2009

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I love Stocking Stuffers. To me, they are always useful in one way or another. Even if it’s for entertainment, I consder it well worth the heavy stocking.

In fact, one thing I love to receive in my stocking in candy. Every Christmas, Mom puts chocolate  in our stocking, which makes a great breakfast. If someone is allergic to chocolate in your family or (yikes!) doesn’t like chocolate, put in some of their favorite candies in their stocking and a few in the others so that they don’t feel left out because they can’t have/don’t want chocolate.

Books and CDs are another wonderful stocking stuffer. As a bookworm and music lover, any books by my favorite author or CD by my favorite band are always welcome. Books are a great stocking stuffer for children who are learning to read, and music is a great item for those who have a deep love for music. Either way, books and CDs should always be on a stocking stuffer list.

Hair accessories and beauty products will always be a wonderful Christmas gift, whether it’s under the tree or in a stocking. Women already know what it feels like to receive those items at Christmas, because we are always looking for ways to make our hair look better or our skin. Some women might be offended if given beauty products they don’t use or hair accessories that they don’t enjoy, but a lot of women accept them with open arms. I personally love hair accessories, but not so much beauty products. So ask them if they enjoy beauty products or hair accessories before taking that plunge- you don’t want to upset a woman on Christmas!

Believe it or not, a TickleMe Plant is probably one of the COOLEST gifts ANYONE could receive! If you don’t know what a TickleMe Plant is, it is a plant that closes its fronds when you touch it. I  am not lying! Go to TicklMe Plant.com, look for the I Love My TickleMe Plant video and watch it. I love the TickleMe Plant and have always wanted on! At the website, you can actually get party favors so you can get one for each kid or even get a few for your friend’s kids! Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, we can’t forget the scratch-off lottery tickets and gift cards. I know I am hard to shop for, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a gift card every Christmas. And with the lottery tickets, it just makes it that much more fun scratching the stuff off and realizing you’ve won $10- on Christmas morning! True, you’ll have to wait until Dec. 26th or later that evening to cash it in, but hey, that’s $10 you didn’t have before!

Candles and Incense are another great stocking stuffer. No, this isn’t a way of telling your friend her house stinks. It is the gift of light and smell, even for those who have no sense of smell (Anosmia). Most candles these days are beautiful to look at and incense just brings a calming  sensation over the person(s) within 5 feet of the scent. There are TONS of places to buy candles and incense, especially on the web.



EZ Combs™ Review May 24, 2009

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Mom was at the store last week when she came across a 2-pack of the “As Seen on TV” Ez Combs. I’ve always wanted to try them but crazy me, I didn’t know they sold them in stores!

As someone with extremely long hair, my only options for hairdos were a ponytail or leaving my hair down. After a while, it got monotonous. I wanted something different. So when Mom showed us that she had bought  them, I was so happy because I finally had new ways to wear my hair!

My first ‘do was called the “Foutain” and it felt great because I didn’t have the worry of a small elastic band falling off or the pain of a clip. I was able to leave my head back and not feel like spikes were being driven into my scalp like you get with a lot of the plastic hair “claws”. With long hair, it did seem as if my hair was a “fountain” and it made it look very chic.

Then out of habit, I put my hair into a ponytail using the Ez Comb.  It’s not the dreaded “average ponytail”. Not only is it a cute accessory for ponytails, it also adds flair t your hair without being “just a ponytail”. You can even sleep in your ponytail without waking up to your ‘do being on one side of your head! There are also many ways to wear the pontyail just like with any elastic band. But what the bands don’t offer is another way of wearing your Ez Comb- the “Butterfly”. While the original way to wear your ponytail with Ez Comb can make your hair seem longer because it’s not pushed into an elastic band, it doesn’t have the “elastic band tightness” that some woman enjoy, especially when they are working out. With the “Butterfly” effect, it make your hair look chic without slipping and will give you that “hair is in a pontyail tightness” that I sometimes enjoy.

I only have one problem with the Ez Comb. As I have said, I have extremely long hair. Like hair slmost to my rear. See where I am going with this? Sometimes when I am ready to remove the Ez Comb, my hair will get snagged on the rough edges and it takes me a few minutes to wrestle it away.

Besides having rough corners, it’s an absolute must have, especially for us gals with long hair!

Stepping Outside The Box May 17, 2009

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If you have been reading since February, you will know that my sister dyed her hair purple. Yes, purple. She doesn’t conform to what society thinks we should look like. So if she enjoys having purple hair (which I personally think looks awesome on her), she will dye her hair purple. Hell, she’s dyed it blue and red before.

A week ago while I was out with Twin and Mom, I started thinking. Why can’t I be like that? I cannot step outside my comfort zone enough to dye my hair an unnatural color and admire Twin that she can do it. So, I thought again. Was there a way I could actually stay within my comfort area while breaking free of the chains society has on me? Yes, there is.

I declared it to Manders and Mom my plan. It will take a couple of months of finish but if everything works out and sissy helps me in every possible way, it should look awesome and reflect my personality to a “T. What is my plan? I plan on putting a little of unnatural color in my hair. I have jet black hair but after a while, it gets so blah looking. I have a vibrant personality so why not let my hair show that part of me? I plan on dying my hair jet black to cover up any dark brown roots showing. Then this summer, I plan on putting red streaks in my hair. Yes, you read that right. Red streaks. If my sister can show she is not afraid to be different, then I shouldn’t either. After all, we are twins. And while we may seem like your next-door twins, people come to find out that in person, we are totally crazy and random. We like to have fun, even if it’s just the 2 of us in the bedroom, throwing balled up paper at each other.

I can’t say how long I will keep the streaks. I guess it’s something I will have to see before I commit to keep the streaks after 6 months. I guess it’s time to finally start stepping outside the box. Can’t stay scared to try new things the rest of my life.