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Hoping… June 9, 2009

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Lately, I’ve been so tired. I don’t know why, but all I want to do is sleep.

Maybe perhaps that it has been extremely hot (with temperatures now reading above 95*) that all I want to do is stay inside the bedroom where it is nice and cool… Well, atleast most of the time it is. Of course you have a nice, soft, comfortable bed that just screams “Sleep!”. I can’t blame the bed because it didn’t ask to get made. I sure as hell can’t blame Mother Nature because heaven forbid I piss her off- she might make it turn 115* the next day just for spite! I could blame myself but who wants to do that!

So why would I blame myself? Not taking my vitamins. I have excellent long-term memory but when it comes to remember to take my vitamins the next day, out the window it goes. I need to tattoo it on my forehead. Maybe that’ll help.

I am hoping that something will happen before or on Mom’s birthday. I would love to hold a virtual birthday party for her. That means virtual balloons, cake, and HOPEFULLY a giveaway to celebrate her birthday! Even if I can’t have a giveaway, I will still hold the birthday party. Speaking of her birthday, while I know I can’t get her a gift right now, I would still love to get her a card. But what’s funny is that for the past year or so, we haven’t gotten her a sentimental card. They have all been funny or humorous cards. I guess since life has been a little hectic, you gotta find a way to laugh or you’ll just be pulled down deeper into depression. We’ve all been there, unfortunately.

Now if Mom and Manders will just wake up, we can go shopping!


June… June 3, 2009

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Ah, June. It finally decided to grace us with it’s presence. Yuck, Summer has arrived. Not officially (that comes on June 21st), but close enough. With a 100* stuck in there for the high as Saturday, it’s Summer. You can’t convine me otherwise.

What else is in June? A birthday. No, not mine! That’s in December. Mom will be having a birthday this month. June 18th, if I remember correctly. My mom turns another year older and another year wiser. I am not saying how old she is because I don’t want her to feel old. Not that it’s a bad thing I just want her to feel as young as I do on occasion.

But I don’t even know what to get her for her birthday. Yea, I could get her another card. True, I could get her some chocolate. But that’s just like Valentine’s Day- minus the big stuffed bear. I want something unique this year. Flowers, framed picture of me and Manders, her favorite TV show on DVD, a pretty throw, a new car… Ok, that last one MIGHT be a little over the top. But you know what I mean. The only problem would be trying to find money myself so me and Twin could get it secretly. It might throw off the whole “surprise” element if we go up and ask “Mama? Could we have some money so we could buy you a birthday present?”.

I know she’s reading this so the whole “Surprise! Happy Birthday Mama!” has been thrown out the window. I am not creative as far as crafts so I can’t make her something. Considering I’m accident prone, I’d probably hurt myself in the process. Maybe I should talk with Sissy and see what she wants to do.

You what’s even more scarier than trying to buy a gift for Mom? That fact that Twin and I will be turning a quarter-of-a-century old in 6 months! It seems to me that time keeps going by more quickly by the year. There’s an episode of Futurama (why do I always seem to relate everything to either Futurama or Family Guy?) where time skips by the second, by the minute, or even by the years. Sometimes, that’s how it feels. One minute you could be doing something and the next minute, it seems as if a year has gone by. Kind of scary, if you ask me.

Now, I am off to find out what to get my dearest Mommy for her birthday.

Mother’s Day is afoot! April 30, 2009

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And I am lost. I have no idea what to get or do for my Mother. And her birthday isn’t that too far off either.

This year, I strapped for cash. So big expensive presents will have to wait. I could do what I did one year- a mixed CD of sentimental songs that would make any mother cry. But I really don’t feel like making Mom cry. Or maybe I could make her feel good by burning a CD for her of songs from the year she was born. That might make her feel old. NO ONE wants to do that.

I could possibly make a CD of her favorite artists. Seeing as though I am not sure of those, it would take some swift snooping on my part. When you grow up with a twin, secret and snooping skills are honed to near perfection. It’s not something we’re particularly proud of. It’s just makes Holidays a lot more fun considering we can drop hints without giving it away and making the gift look like a nondescript box of what the actual present is. Snooping and secrets at Christmas are fun.

Or maybe I could just ask her about her music tastes. And buy a card. And maybe some chocolate. Mothers like chocolate, right?

15 Things About Me April 8, 2009

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Since things are starting to look up for the family, I thought I would write a happy post. Sure I pretty much just put everything out there for the world to read on a daily basis- or do I? How much do you truly know about Texas Banter? Here are 15 things you would have never guessed:

1. I know every song by R&B group Jagged Edge by heart and love them to death. Name a song and I’ll give you the CD and track number.

2. I can only drink Dr Pepper or generic Dr Pepper. I refuse to drink any other soda unless its Sprite and I have the flu.

3. I used to be blonde for 8 years before a tragic breakup made me dye it.

4. I live for Subway and their tuna footlongs.

5. Football fanatic!

6. I started using computers when I was 15 but can’t build my own- go figure!

7. I am only 2 minutes older than Twin and take great pride in being the “big sister”.

8. I know a little Scottish Gaelic, German, and Spanish.

9. I like all kinds of music but mostly R&B and heavy metal (with country and other genres thrown in for good measure.)

10. I LOVE horror movies- I prefer those over action or suspense.

11. My cat, Smokie, has my nickname from high school as her name.

12. I share a birthday (Dec. 12th) with Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis.

13. I live for Spring and those hair-raising storms!

14. I try to read 2 books a week.

15. Bill Paxton and Tom Hanks are my favorite actors while Renee Zellwegger is my favorite actress.

Well now you know more about me- any questions?

In 1 Month… February 7, 2009

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In a month, Texas Banter will be turning a year old! I can’t believe- a whole year gone by! And just look at what I’ve accomplished!

In lieu of the “birthday”, I have decided that I want to hold a giveaway. Consider it like a party!  With over 31,310 hits to Texas Banter, I think we could have one heck of a party! So, what do ya say?

I am not going to tell you much more for now but if you want to sponsor you will get many links back to your website from this website and from other blogs posting about this contest – plus a warm giddy feeling that you are donating. If you are unsure what items you’d like to donate, please e-mail and we can work it out.

To Sponsor

To sponsor a prize please email me at texas_heartland[at]yahoo[dot]com (or find the “Contact Me” link) with the prize you are kindly willing to donate along with a link to your website so I can link back to your site and the value in $ of your prize. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh yea, on a really random note: Manders hair PURPLE! I know I posted that in my last one, but I mean it’s really purple- especially under the sun!

Well I’m freezing… December 16, 2008

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And the twin is still asleep. It’s almost noon, and here is Manders, still in bed. Well, hopefully she’s still warm.

Yes, it’s freezing here in Texas. And I’m not even close to the Panhandle! Temperatures started dropping rapidly yesterday… wait, no Sunday evening is when the temperatures started dropping. They were near freezing yesterday morning and then it started to drizzle. Now if we all learned something in school, we know that when it’s near freezing and it starts to rain, it makes ice. Thus, we have ice on the roads! And I am freezing! Temperatures are definitely below freezing and have more precipitation coming this way. Great… I’m staying my butt inside.

Our birthday was pleasant! We got great gifts from our mom and from each other. It wasn’t too cold but it wasn’t too warm either. The day was glorious with plenty of sunshine. We got out that night and had the time of our lives!

That picture was taken at Heritage Square in front of the city’s Christmas tree. It’s something we do annually.

Tomorrow night we plan on doing something we do semi-annually. Every state has a thing where you can drive through miles and miles of light displays (and not on city streets). We call ours Nature In Lights and that’s in Belton right adjacent to Fort Hood. No, we won’t be on base though we have been before. What baffles me is that it’s not on base but when it’s not Christmas, the lake pavilion is off limits to civilians. Anyways, we went the year before and plan on going this year. It’s really cool, even if it seems dorkish. It’s quite extravagant. Here, check it out:


Hopefully it won’t be as cold. That would really suck.

It’s here! December 9, 2008

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Ah, the feeling of Christmas has finally arrived! As I sit here, I am listening to Brian McKnight’s “The First Noel” and the lights all aglow. It just feels like Christmas, ya know? Maybe it’s because R&B Christmas music is just so soulful and heart-warming, it gives it that extra little magic. I don’t know.

But I do rememer that last year, it didn’t even feel like Christmas. It just didn’t have that magic Christmas is supposed to have. Maybe because I didn’t let the magic grow. Maybe because after everything I’ve been through these past 6 months, I am able to enjoy the Holidays a little more.

Yes! The countdown to Birthday 24 finally begins! I know, I know. I know I’ve already mentioned my birthday but I’ve always been excited about my birthday. Still don’t have a gift for sissy. But I plan to get it on Thursday. KNwoing me, I will most likely need all day to pick up just 1 present. I know she’s not picky but I am. One Christmas, I spent an hour deciding on what to get her.

Hopefully the birthday card will be easier to choose.

Twins & The Holidays December 7, 2008

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A couple of days ago, I was watching “SuperQuads” on Discovery Health and the parents were Christmas shopping for the twins. An expert said to buy one major gift for multiples to share and then their own similar individual gifts. Once she mentioned that, it brought back a lot of childhood memories. My mom was the same way when me and Manders were growing up. She would buy us one gift to share and our own individual gifts.

Even now as we turn 24, Christmas gifts are equal in numbers. The gifts are no longer similar in color or item, but Mom always makes sure we have the same amount of gifts.

Speaking of birthday and gifts, I still have yet to get something for Manders for our birthday. Years before, we only got each other a birthday card. This will be the first year EVER that we have decided to get something for each other for birthday. And I have NO clue what to get her! I had her make me a list of what she wanted, but I am still at a loss. Well, the list was also for Christmas but I think I have an idea of what to get her. The only thing that would make me panic is if the store didn’t have what I want. It’s funny, though. I know her extremely well (almost as well as I know myself!) and I still don’t know what to get her. Why do they have to be the hardest people to shop for?

A week! December 5, 2008

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It is official, I am getting old. Well, older. A week from today, I will be turning 24. Yep, my birthday is Decemeber 12th.

I intended for this to be funny, but nothing comes to mind. Atleast not yet.

For those who don’t know or haven’t read any of my previous blogs, I have a twin sister. Yes, we share the same birthday. I already know what I’m getting her for her birthday (just have to wait until the 11th to pick it up) and she already has my gift. She has given me hints but I still don’t get it. I couldn’t even begin to think of what it could be!

This might be a long one, so bear with me.

I look back at the year and I realize how much I’ve learned since December 12, 2007 and December 12, 2008. I didn’t realize I would learn so much in just a year. Yea, it’s really crazy. But I think I’ve grown a little more and matured a little more. Ok, so I’m still the child at heart at age 24. Aren’t we all, though?

What’s cool though is that I share my birthday with one of my favorite singers: Frank Sinatra! Unfortunately, I also share my birthday with someone who wants you to control the pet population and have your pets spayed or neutered. You are absolutely right! Bob Barker! I guess I can’t pick and choose who I want to celebrate my birthday alongside with.

I found a few links that might prove to be interesting on December 12th birthdays:



Did you know there are only 20 days left until Christmas Day? The Birthday Calculator told me!

Family & Love July 27, 2008

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I know I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been spending a lot of time with “E”.

Ya know, it’s funny. Ever since July 4th, my family and “E” have grown closer just like we have. On a recent visit (Friday to be exact), me and “E” were playing Uno. We were talking about Christmas and the Holidays. My mom asked “E” what he wanted for his birthday (which is EXACTLY 2 weeks before mine) and what he wanted for Christmas. He replied with “Being with ya’ll is enough”. I wanted to cry. I can tell he loves spending time with me and my family. I am just shocked that he enjoys it that much. He’s extremely helpful. When we grocery shopping, he doesn’t mind carrying in the big bag of kitty litter or kitty food. Last time, he actually made Mom put down the beer so he can carry it in the house.

Speaking of birthdays, he knows I’m getting him something. He knows from where, too, just not what he’s actually getting. It’s kind of hilarious because he asked if I still had the catalog in which I was ordering from and I went to go look for it. Couldn’t find it (I think I threw it away that weekend I cleaned.) so I told him that I no longer had it. He tried to guess but wasn’t ANYWHERE close to being right. Now if only I could figure out what the hell my sister wanted.

I can’t wait to get Monopoly next week. And he thought I was competitive at Uno? He better just wait.

What can I say… even if he says he’s gonna be with a person for a looooong time before he gets married, I know he’s gonna stay around for a while.

Winter in the summer? Part 1 July 16, 2008

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I know, it seems a little odd to be thinking of the wintertime when current temperatures soar above 99*. But when a thread was posted in a forum I am a member of, it got me to thinking about wintertime. Christmas to be exact. I usually start my shopping early because I already know what everybody wants. My sister wants that hot guitar, my mom wants another “Mom of The Year” knick knack, and my dad… he doesn’t care. But this year, I am at a loss. I have an extra person to shop for and everyone has changed.

Oh, the other person? Me and “E” talked for a looooooong time yesterday. We both did something to contribute to what happened.

But yea, everyone has changed from where they were last year. One year, my sister wants that new Johnny Depp movie. This year, she wants a guitar. My mom isn’t sure what she wants for Christmas, if anything. My dad, that’s a hard one. I can’t even remember what he got last year. This year, I’ll take the guitar too. I’ve always wanted one. What’s even harder is that “E”‘s birthday is 14 days before mine, and mine is 2 weeks before Christmas. I don’t want to have to get him something for his birthday then turn around and get him something for Christmas. Because this year, I plan on getting my twin something for her birthday (same as mine, remember that). Last year, I had pneumonia so I was too sick to even enjoy our birthday. Man, is Christmas and birthday gonna be hard to shop for!

I probably wouldn’t feel like Christmas is coming up too soon if it weren’t for the economy. Will anybody be able to celebrate Christmas? Who knows. But I can guaran-damn-tee that if the economy is just as bad, “It’s A Wonderful Life” won’t be playing in my household.