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TB Articles: Early Christmas Gifts August 26, 2009

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In about 4 months, Christmas will be upon us. We think about getting our shopping done early, but end up waiting until the last minute. It’s pretty normal and there are ways to get it done super early without worrying whether you’ll get exactly what you want.

In fact, there is a way to get your Christmas presents early without having to spend ANY money. Impossible, you say? Nonsense! Thanks to sweepstakes and blog giveaways, you are able to at least cross one or two gifts off of your list. Online-Sweepstakes.com is a sweepstakes community where new giveaways and sweeps (sweepstakes) are posted daily. If you enter a few every day, your son will eventually get that new guitar for Christmas without you having to spend the money to buy it! Pretty neat, huh?

QVC is offering “Christmas When You Want It”, which is one of the coolest things they’ve ever come up with. Essentially what it is, you can look at the products that are part of the offer. If you have no place to store it until Christmas, you can reserve it to be delivered on November 2nd or now. If you opt for the November delivery, you don’t pay anything until it is shipped. For more information, check out their website.

It is NEVER too soon to purchase (or in some cases, win) those Christmas presents. Procrastination is a big problem when it comes to early Christmas shopping. Now you don’t have to with giveaways and “Christmas When You Want It”!


CIJ: For the Tool or Golfer in your life! July 18, 2009

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While my father isn’t exactly Tim Taylor when it comes to tools and cars, he knows his way around a drill or a hammer. But I do know that there are a lot of guys out there that wish they could receive just that one new saber saw or that¬† Surveillance camera. Maybe he wants a rolling toolbox. Or maybe he just needs a new set of golf clubs.

Maybe your Husband or Dad is just like my Dad- is always losing a part of his tools! Well, with this Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set, he will promise that he will keep everything together. Wouldn’t you?

Sears Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Set-  $179.99

In case your man suffers from “more power” once in a while, get him the Craftsman C3 Compact Lithium 1/2 in. Reversible Drill/Driver BONUS C3 AM/FM/Weather Radio. As you can tell, it practically has everything he would want, including a radio! So he can pretty much drill to his heart’s content while listening to his favorite radio station.

Sears Craftsman C3 Compact Lithium 1/2 in. Reversible Drill/Driver BONUS C3 AM/FM/Weather Radio- $159.99

If he would rather be out on the range than in the garage or basement, Sears can help you out there as well. They have various loose clubs like the Dunlop DDH Knife Wedge which runs for about $17 per club at the moment. Now if you don’t want to spend $17 on one club, you could always get the Wilson Hope Golf Clubs, which is a whole set is sold at K-Mart and KMart.com.

K-Mart Wilson Hope Golf Clubs- $170

Not too sure if he’d like the set of golf clubs or the set of tools? Don’t forget about Lowe’s or Home Depot! I know those stores are huge and when it comes to Christmas gifts, your first thought isn’t either of those places but rather Sears or Academy Sports + Outdoors. So instead of traipsing around those big stores in search of the perfect gift, give me a gift card! Don’t worry whether he will think that “you don’t know him at all”. Trust me- men can be the hardest to shop for. They aren’t particular and that’s why it is makes it difficult. So make him go pick out his own gift with a gift card! You won’t see him for hours, which means more “you” time!

Christmas 2008 Stinks! December 25, 2008

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Unfortunately, that is how I feel. My Dad just got back from my relatives’ house to see if we had any gifts from any relatives because we didn’t go over there Christmas Eve. When he came home empty-handed, I felt a sadness come over me. Every year, we atleast get something from our uncle and aunt or even our grandmother. I am not upset at the fact that our cousins get something better than we do every year, but knowing that they didn’t even care to think about us this is heart-wrenching. Forget the economy! We could be in a depression and my relatives would still buy Nintendo DS for our cousin that isn’t even their son.

I thought the idea of having relatives is knowing that they care about you and your immediate family. Christmas is a time to be surrounded by friends, immediate family, and relatives. Unfortunately, my relatives don’t share the same ideals.

Aside from the fact that Christmas Eve was okay and this morning was wonderful, the magic feeling of Christmas just wasn’t there this year. No, I wouldn’t want to start Christmas all over. I just want to get the Holidays over with!

Another Christmas Morning December 25, 2008

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At my house! Well, technically, it’s the psycho dog’s first Christmas.

But it’s still another normal Christmas morning here at home! Me, Manders, and Mom are up because we didn’t sleep well. And it’s not that we’re excited about opening our gifts from Santa (we did that last night). It’s most likely because we had a rotten Christmas Eve. I won’t go into details but it did pretty much suck to an extent.

But Dog is chasing the cats through the house, the tree is aglow, it’s cold as hell, and I’m hungry.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention what I got from “Santa”! I got a small box that the “Elf” (Manders) passed out and I ripped the paper off and opened the box. I saw all this shredded paper inside and though “What the hell? A box of shredded paper???”. Nope, I had to dig deeper. As I start grabbing the paper and throwing it out, I noticed a black corner. And then the bottom. Guess what “Santa” had gotten me? A genuine leather wallet! Just what I needed!

I got Manders a plasma dragon with the electric bulb that where you touch, you can make your own lightning storm. See?

Then “Santa” gave Mom the coolest thing! He brought her a cat dipped in fragrant wax… It was the cutest thing and she loved it! For Daddy, “Santa” got him “Blade Runner” DVD and a NASCAR M&Ms hat… since he needs more.

Now we await breakfast and when we’re all awake enough to play a few games, the day shall start!

Worst Christmas Gift Ever December 24, 2008

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We all know that every year, someone receives something something so horrible that we wanted to know what was going through their minds when they bought it (or in my case, made). Before I start the list of worst Christmas gifts ever given, I thought I’d start with mine.

I have never had pierced ears. I still don’t and don’t plan to have them pierced. I have even made it clear to relatives that I don’t want them pierced when it was brought up. On year, my aunt decided to make my birthday AND Christmas gifts. While it’s a thoughtful idea, the gifts just made me feel like what I said didn’t matter. Instead of a gift card or something more useful, my aunt decided that my birthday and Christmas gifts should be earrings. I said “Thank you” and gave them to someone who could use them.

Now, I present to you the worst Christmas gifts ever given!

3 Glass Jars of Bean Soup

Half-used Bottle of Lotion and Body Spray

Black Magic Marker

Toilet Seat Cover

Lint Roller

Jumper Cables

Expired Food

Stained Bath Robe

Package of Frozen Broccoli

Underwear (luckily, NEW)

What was the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?