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We Say Goodbye to Patches August 20, 2009

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I regret to inform all of you that Patches, Mom’s 4-year-old and Smokie’s cat, passed away unexpectedly this evening. She didn’t show any signs, and we’re all shocked beyond belief.

She was from Smokie’s 2nd litter and for some reason when we decided that Smokie’s kittens needed good homes, nobody wanted Patches. I couldn’t figure out why- hell, she entertained herself. But, we decided to keep her. Patches and Mom grew close and because best friends. Patches was quirky and really weird sometimes. She wasn’t always healthy and often had skin irritations, but she always bounced back. Her and Smokie, during the Fall and Winter months, would always race back and forth from room to room early in the morning while we were all asleep. How do I know that?  They didn’t give it a second thought to jump on the bed. Like Smokie when she was little, she too would scale curtains. Patches was a jumpy cat, but that’s what made it so funny- she would be sleeping, someone would pet her, and she would jump a mile high. One time, she jumped from the shelf to on top of the television and skated right off. It was like the videos you would see on America’s Funniest Videos.

After everything we’re going through, this put me, Manders, and especially Mom over the edge. We don’t know if we can truly handle everything. Patches was only about a month away from turning 5 years old. We will forever miss her for she was a special kitty.

Smokie Talking to Patches

Smokie Talking to Patches


How Depressing… March 29, 2009

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I don’t know what to think anymore. For the 3rd time, our computer went out. It can’t be the power supply since that is the 2nd one we’ve bought. It has to be the computer. It seems to go out every 2 weeks. When we first bought it, it only lasted 2 weeks before it went out.

It seems as if somebody has put a curse on my family. And it’s not just about the computer. It’s everything else. I won’t go into details but I will say we often wonder about the point of life. Yea, we’re a bunch of depressed people. I know we’re not the only ones though.

I don’t know when we’ll get the computer fixed. It might be longer than last time. I won’t post as often. Life absolutely sucks at times. Ugh.

I feel bad for her… February 27, 2009

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Smokie gave birth last night around 4:30am while we were all asleep. Manders woke me up to tell me that Smokie was having her kittens so I tell her to turn on the light and I sat up. She was right- Smokie had already had a kitten and we were awaiting the 2nd one. Unfortunately, the first was stillborn. It was extremely tiny and really underdeveloped. Then the 2nd came and we thought it was stillborn as well- until we saw it breathe! So I helped Smokie since she hasn’t done this in years. I knew this one wasn’t going to make it either but it was still breathing so I decided to let it live its last and first hours with Smokie.

So I put her nesting box right beside my bed so I could keep an eye on the both of them while I slept. But I couldn’t go back to sleep. I watched TV for about an hour, maybe an hour and 1/2 before finally falling asleep. I would wake up periodically through the night to make sure Mama was doing okay and to see if the kitten was still breathing. It wasn’t feeding so I don’t know how it lasted as long as it did. But it passed somewhere in the night (or early morning).

I feel really bad for Smokie, I really do. I thought this would be the “miracle pregnancy” and we’d have kittens running around the house in a few months. Hell, it was even hard for me because I felt so bad for her. I know she’s depressed and will spend as much time with her as I can. It’s really depressing.

Inaugurations and Colds January 21, 2009

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Now, I know it’s not as bad as some of my fellow bloggers but talking to my cyber guy (the one I threw the bowling ball at and we were supposed to have a date this weekend?) doesn’t make it any better. He asked how I was feeling and I said “I’m getting somewhat better… I just want it to be over! I’m currently trying to find the person that gave it to me so I could kick their butt!” and he replied with “A lady once told me she had it for 3 weeks.”. My jaw dropped and I typed back “Oh hell naw! I might have to kill them then!”. Ahh, such love from someone who works his butt off and someone who is sick off their butt.

Well, I did watch some of the Obama Inauguration on Tuesday. It was a lovely ceremony and I wish him well. And though I am not be politically correct all the time, I am just waiting to see what will happen. I’m not thrilled he’s our new president (though excuse me and I know I’m from Texas but most of the world agrees with me that anything is better than Bush) but I’m not appalled. With the way the economy is right now, I am just waiting to see what happens and if he can pull us out of here before we actually end up in a Depression.

We’ll see.