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Organized Chaos August 5, 2009

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Have you ever felt like your slowly losing your sanity? Like everyone is out to destroy your day? Well, it’s somewhat like that for me. Except destroying my day, the pets are out to drive me crazy.

Because it’s been too hot to train him, Zeus has had super energy and no where for it to go. So he barks at us and barks at the kitties. When we try to put the muzzle on him, he goes berserk. So whenever I feel like I’m not going to rip my heart out, I start training him again today. Last night, I finally taught him patience for food. I’ll work on it again today so he does it without being asked. He can still shake hands, but of course, he still needs reminding. Right now, he’s asleep, which I am so thankful for that. Maybe tonight, when it finally gets below 100*, we can take him outside and let him run all of his energy out. Yea, I like that idea- a lot.

Smokie gave birth to a small white kitten around 6:30 AM on July 30th, while we were waiting for some severe storms to pass through. She usually needs help but as I was watching TV, I peered into her nesting box to see if she needed help. Much to my surprise, she didn’t need help and I saw this adorable kitten! I picked it up to see how healthy it was- does it have a set of pipes! It started squealing and squiggling … It’s pretty damn healthy. We thought she was going to only have 1 kitten. Then on Friday morning, as I walked into the bedroom after a shower, I saw a strange kitten. She had another one! It was white, just like the first, but a little darker. It is healthy and just as loud as the other one. Last night, I saw a kitten pant. I reached my hand into the box and realized that it was blazing hot. So I took their bed and put it under the air conditioner. I realized that even Smokie got to hot in the box and that’s why she didn’t stay in there long. She slept with her babies all night. When I went into the bedroom this morning for the iPod, I noticed she moved a kitten but found her and a baby as Smokie peeked around the corner of a box. I grabbed the kitten, explained to Smokie about the heat, put it on the kitty bed, and went on my merry way. Then, as I went to check on them, I realized she had moved BOTH kittens. I checked her regular spots but because Manders is asleep, I can’t search for them until she wakes up. With triple digit heat all week, I don’t want to risk the kittens getting sick or Smokie getting too hot. Here is a picture of one of the kittens sucking its thumb:

Pictures Aug 2 09 068

Then of course, Princess and Patches aren’t sure what to make of our newest family additions. Once the kittens get older, they’ll realize they have now have a new lifelong play buddy. Yep, Mom said we could keep them. Woohoo!

Still haven’t gotten the site up yet. Still having trouble figuring out what the heck to do with my DNS settings. I try to ask but their too technical and I have no clue what they’re talking about.

It’s not exactly crazy, but organized chaos. But I sure wish it was organized in a different way.


CIJ: Pet Gift Ideas July 20, 2009

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christmas-kitten-cat-756396Don’t forget our furry friends this Christmas! Our 3 cats and 1 dog are as much as a part of this family than anyone else and we have always given them some sort of gift (unwrapped, of course) so that they don’t feel left out at Christmas.

There are TONS of gifts that you can give your doggy or your kitty at Christmas! What my family always does, even if they receive something else, is get our fur babies treats. Since the Holidays are filled with sweets and pets can’t usually have them, we give them treats so that they don’t beg for that piece of chocolate. There are numerous treats out there pretty much everywhere so pick up a bag/can of your pet’s favorite treats for Christmas!

Toys are another great way to celebrate the Holidays with Fido or Fluffly. Smokie and Patches (Smokie is my cat and Patches is my Mom’s) enjoy catnip-filled mice and string while Princess (Manders’ kitty) enjoys the feather and fluffy toys. Zeus will play with practically anything but really loves to play tug-of-war. So depending on your pet’s favorite game(s), giet them a toy they will enjoy!

Even though Fido loves to sleep on your bed or Fluffy wants to sleep on your favorite couch, get them the gift that keeps on giving! Instead of losing your couch or bed to your pet, give them their own! At PetCo, they have all shapes and sizes to choose from. They even have dog couches and cat cradles for your loved one to sleep in on those extra cold nights. Fido will feel happy that he has his own bed that no one else can sleep on and Fluffy will be glad that she has her own quiet place!

If you have a friend that has pets and you want to give them something, give them the gift of a gift card. If something happens and they need to run to PetsMart or PetCo, they won’t have to worry if they have enough money to get what they need. Maybe they’re thinking of getting a pet and giving them the giftcard will make them feel more confident in their choice, since it won’t be for just a dog or for just a cat.

Every year at Christmas at Wal-Mart, they sell animal Christmas stockings that are filled with toys and treats. So take the guesswork out of wondering what your pet will enjoy and get them a Christmas stocking. They will be so excited, they’ll play with more than one of the toys included! I know we have given our pets a Christmas stocking for years and every year, they play with it like it will be their last! Sometimes they even play with it months after. I know Fido and Fluffy will enjoy it!


Crating Cujo… May 20, 2009

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Zeus has a nickname- “Cujo”. He has his moments (which stems from his accident) where he gets snippy or frustrated because of his arthritis and he will get a little “bitey” where he will playfully bite your hand. That’s why we named him “Cujo”. Not to mention he has the energy of a 3-year-old full of sugar and will run around like he’s terrorizing a city.

But we recently bought a crate for Zeus. It’s not a place for his “time outs” or for punishment. It’s mostly a place for him to calm down when he has one of his moments, when he needs a more quiet place to sleep, or when we need to leave the house for an hour or two. He has separation anxiety, which he’s always had since he was little, and ends up tearing everything apart when we leave. So to make sure he doesn’t get into something he’s not supposed to, we will crate him. If we plan on being gone for more than an hour or two, we probably won’t crate him because that’s just mean.

But he isn’t exactly taking to it very well. Because there was a lot of noise while we were putting it up, he got scared. He’s never heard noise like that in the house so he didn’t know how to react. So when it was time to introduce him to it, he was very wary. Dad had to try to coax him in there otherwise we bought it for nothing. He eventually went in there, and to get him used to the door being closed, we closed it. He started panicking and after a few minutes, he started calming down. Not extremely calm, but enough to where he didn’t try to move his bed anymore. We opened the door and he immediately came out.

He’s still kind of scared of it and hasn’t gone back in but today, since my Dad isn’t exactly the calmed person, we’re going to try again but not as aggressively. First we’ll work on getting him to where he isn’t so scared of it. Maybe I’ll crawl in and show him there’s nothing to be afraid of. Almost crawled in yesterday but even I wasn’t so sure I could have crawled out.

Decorator I am not… April 23, 2009

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Crone and Bear It’s newest blog post reminded me that I am far from ever being a house decorator.

You can tell that the bedroom belongs to someone who isn’t in her 30’s. There are stuffed animals everywhere (okay, not everywhere. Several on the desk, on a nightstand, and on a shelf), mismatched curtains, a HUGE Longhorns above to bed like a headboard, and books everywhere. CDs are strewn about and none of the covers match. In fact, I have a black/beige blanket while Twin has a designer-looking blanket. Nothing seems to match and even the UT stuff I have accumulated are in different places. Even some of the curtains are hanging at different lengths.

Yea, I am 100% sure I am not a decorator.

I would watch HGTV for those home decorating shows and feel inspired. I would look around the bedroom and think “Oh yea, if we move this over here, it would look better!”. I would move the item but would be faced with another dilemma- where to put the item that was just replaced with something else. Because we don’t have storage or a big house for that matter, we have boxes stacked in the bedroom. It looks like we could be moving! So naturally, if I can’t find an item that was replaced for something else, it goes into a box. Yes, the boxes are labeled. Told you it looked like we’re moving.

Luckily, after Valentine’s Day, I finally put my prized Nutcracker away until the Holidays. But another problem goes along with that. What the hell do I put in there for Spring? I have cats so plants are out of the question. I have a dog so indoor trees are out of the question. I don’t even have a stuffed bunny. Sad, I know. I would love to paint the bedroom a nice rich dark color but where to put the pets while we paint is a problem. Princess and Patches don’t exactly get along. We’re not sure why. Maybe I’ll just buy yards and yards of fabric and use it as wallpaper. Safe, easy, efficient, and reuseable. Yea, fabric as wall paper. Brilliant idea!

Zeus will live! April 5, 2009

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It was as if a miracle happened and no miracles happen to my family!

Zeus ate a small bite of chicken yesterday and went outside. Even though he didn’t have a lot of energy, he tried chasing after the outside cat. When me and Twin went to get Father from work, before we even walked out the door, he got up and went to the door like “No, you are not going without me!”. But because he is still sick, we didn’t want to risk it so we left him at home. Today he has eaten more chicken and hasn’t vomited.

I don’t want to say life is getting better but it seems there might be light at the end of this tunnel after all.

I’ve started studying more, haven’t told mom about the license yet, and have had chocolate. Maybe life is getting back on track…. let’s hope.

C’mon, give me a break! April 3, 2009

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Zeus isn’t doing too well. The vet rechecked his blood (since he couldn’t find the exact problem last time) and said he had advanced parvo. And as we all know, in puppies, that’s not a good sign. I’ve tried not to cry the past couple of days but I cried my eyes out this morning. I’m so depressed and it’s so depressing. C’mon, give me a break! I can’t handle everything at once- and losing him would put me over the edge. Like it would just tear me to pieces.

Remember how I said that I didn’t feel bad for no studying when I had that cold? Who knew I could do a 180! I haven’t studied for a week (except for last night) and I felt so lost! I need to get the ball rolling if I want to understand what I struggle with. C’mon Angela (that’s me!), get your head into the game! Just a little mental Post-It note for yours truly.

“If Life’s a Journey… April 1, 2009

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… I’m on the wrong boat.”. Those are the words of Twin while I was on the phone with Cyber Guy. Frankly, I have to agree. This can’t be all life has to offer!

We consulted with a computer guru and he said that we need a higher watt on the power supply considering how it it is always on. Good point. The problem is that the one we need is $120 and we can’t afford it. Or at least not right now. Who knows when we will. Maybe May…

Zeus is still hanging on. He has a nasty bacterial infection and since the vet said that this kind is a “wait and see” infection, he has Zeus on antibiotics and a liquid diet (since he won’t eat). I feel so bad for him and I’m kinda scared- I won’t lie. I don’t wanna lose him. After all he’s been through, he has to come through this. He just has to.

Ugh. As if life wasn’t depressing enough. I need chocolate.

Need Chocolate… March 30, 2009

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It’s official- I need chocolate. Let me back up and set the scene for you:

I received a gift basket I had won from FiberOne this morning (I won it from a blog but for the life of me, I can’t remember where. I’m sorry!) and it had a chocolate scented candle, chocolate scented soap, chocolate scented hand & body lotion, and chocolate scented bath beads. I hadn’t had anything to eat yet and all I was smelling was chocolate. Oh the chocolaty goodness!

So I waited until I got into the bedroom to light the candle. Bad idea! The whole room started smelling like chocolate, which was making me drool. Then after a shower, I put the chocolate lotion on me. Oh why must I torture myself like this? I need chocolate!

On a serious note, Zeusey isn’t feeling too well. He threw up yesterday morning and threw up this morning. He’s not eating but it’s not like he’s totally incapacitated. We think he may just have a small stomach bug. Let’s hope so.

Still no computer- we’re not even sure WHEN we will get it back. This is frustrating! I need chocolate.

Chocolate in the morning… March 27, 2009

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I have not had chocolate in a long time. I am a chocoholic. So anytime I get a chance to get my hands on any, it’s “bye bye” chocolate, hello heaven.

When Mom woke up this morning, she proceeded to tell me that besides chicken tenders, we had choclate in the fridge. Did someone say chocolate?! Well, of course I could have had the chocolate first but I decided to have the chicken tenders first because lets face it- if I have sugar before anything else in the morning, ugh. But once I bit into that chocolatey goodness, I could hear angels sing. Now that I’ve had chocolate, I’m good for a couple of days. Nothing beats chocolate in the morning.

Looks like I’ll only be reviewing half of my CLEAN & CLEAR kit soon. Zeus, the psycho dog, chewed through the box and got some of the wipes. Not sure which wipes he swiped, but I know he did. He’s one of these dogs that think that everything is his and we are entitled to share. I don’t think so! He has his stuffed babies, his own bed, his own food, and his own sticks. He doesn’t need anything of ours! Let’s hope he gets out of this otherwise I will start building shelves all over the house. Where’s a sexy handyman when ya need him?

Insomnia… March 24, 2009

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Once again, sleep escapes me. Yep- I have insomnia. It is almost midnight here and I am wide awake. No droopy eyes, not nodding, nothing.

I have been on Twitter, “tweeting” weather warnings for other states (and a wind advisory for my area), and pretty much other nonsense. I’ve been on Etsy, trying to find a sponsor for a giveaway. I think I might actually have one, and this time, I am about 95% sure about it. She has THE cutest stuff. I wish I was creative like that. I can’t draw (even my stick figures look sick), paint, or even mold anything with clay. I once tried to do a bat but it look like a 4-year-old did it. Not someone 20 years older than that. The only thing that resembled something close to anything was my ghost but hell- those are easy to do. Guess I’ll stick to writing and animals.

We took Zeus to the park today. It sure felt like Spring! A little humid (got some weather coming, according to our weather people) and windy, but sure felt nice. He did okay, besides trying to drag us. He has a bad habit of pulling on his leash so when we get a chance, we’re going to get him a harness (the kind that lifts his front legs a little when he tries to pull) and a thicker leash. He likes to chew on his leash so we figured a thicker leash will yield better results. Oh the cutest thing happened. There were these 2 guys with a small puppy. Zeus kind of walked up to the puppy but stopped within like 6 feet of it. He didn’t growl or bark or anything. The only barking and growling dog was the puppy, who I think was trying to intimidate Zeus. Considering Zeus has never really seen another dog up close, he did excellent. Now if only he would stop pulling on his leash and we’ll be happy.

This sucks- I’m wide awake, and even the dog with unending energy is sleeping! Woe is me.

I am a math goddess! March 18, 2009

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Okay, so I’m not really a math goddess. I’ve been studying the math section of the THEA book and decided to do one of those easy-peasy and it was 20 questions in all. It was one that dealt with fractions (granted, I stayed away from Least Common Denominator because I still have NO clue) and I only missed 1! That gave me a confidence boost as I reach my least-favorite section of math- Algebra. I suck at Algebra. I hate Algebra.

On the bright side, we might have the computer fixed by the weekend. We were able to move things around to where we could get it done. We’re getting the part probably Friday and it might fix the problem. Let’s hope that’s the problem or we’re screwed!

Everyone is doing… okay. Of course, Mom is stressed but what Mother isn’t. Hell, even I’m stressed! Manders is doing okay. She fell yesterday and kinda hurt her shoulder but she’s a-okay. Daddy is doing well. Nothing new there! As for Zeus, Patches, Princess, and Smokie? Still chasing each other and still furry.

Pillowtop or something! March 3, 2009

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Lately I’ve been getting a good night’s rest. Most of it I attribute to my finally getting my body back to where it should be. I’ve eaten enough bananas to make a monkey jealous and have gotten enough rest to make even a couch potato seem like he’s a linebacker in the NFL.

And while I know I am getting a good night’s rest, something bothers me about sleeping. The bed has become so uncomfortable. I know I shouldn’t complain because I at least have a bed to sleep on. But with someone that has arthritis in HER HIP, it’s hard to get comfortable without writhing in pain. As I was laying down today to get my daily nap (Yes, I take daily naps. Trust me, they work.), I started watching something on the Discovery Channel. I think the show was “How It’s Made” or something to that effect. They were making down and feather bed…. stuff. They showed the finally feather pillow and down pillowtop on a nice bed. It looks so pretty! So I vowed at that moment in time (somewhere between conscious and dead to the world) that whenever I had the money, I was going to buy a pillowtop for the bed.

Oh yea, on a really random note: Zeus went to the park for the first time since the accident. He loved it! He ran around a little, didn’t bark at anyone, found a thick pecan stick (yes, we brought it home for him), drank some water… oh he had fun! Which makes me think… How on Earth can dogs get excited about sticks? Unless it’s a challenge and something to chew on? I don’t know. But what do I do know is that he won’t need another stick for a while. It’s atleast 2 inches thick. Yep, he’s gonna be busy.

I am so excited… February 25, 2009

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I could just burst! Smokie, who I told you in an earlier post was pregnant, had her water break earlier this evening. She’s a pro so we know that it will be atleast 12-24 hours before she gives birth. I thought we had a little more time but once I stop to think about it- as cats get older, their litter number decreases so she could be just carrying 1 or 2 kittens at the most. That’s why we thought we had more time because she used to get a lot bigger. She IS reaching 6 years old this year so I should have remembered she wouldn’t be carrying that many babies.

I am a little nervous because I’m not sure how Princess is going to react to the new editions. It’s not that she’s aggressive in any way, she just doesn’t like change. When Zeus got hurt, she couldn’t understand why everyone was worrying over him and on constant vigilance. I’m also not sure how Zeus will react. He knows something is going on but isn’t sure what it is. But it will be funny that once the baby is old enough to play and run to see what the kitten will do to Zeus! Now THAT I am definitely looking forward to.

But Smokie has been extremely restless. She doesn’t want to stay in the birthing box, which I can understand. I mean, she has 12-24 hours to go! I wouldn’t want to stay in a box that long either! It’s getting down the wire and I know I won’t get much sleep tonight. Even though she’s had several litters in the past, she always wants help so I’ll be keeping a watchful eye over her. Maybe I’ll get a little sleep because it is important for me to atleast get 3 hours of sleep- if not more. But she should be a little more comfortable now that we have the bedroom air conditioner on. I know- the air conditioner is on in February? Yes, it is. The bedroom catches the morning and afternoon sun so it gets unbearbly warm AND hot in there. If I was hot earlier, I knew she had to been smokin’! So I sprayed her with a little water (which she seemed to enjoy!) and kept petting and talking to her.

So hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow, we will have a brand new addition to the family and I promise to post the adorable kitten pictures!

Aha! February 23, 2009

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I complained that I didn’t know what to do with my life and felt like a disappointment? I have some good news!

Right when the old computer decided to go kaput on us, I have a revelation. No, it wasn’t about the computer or computers in general. It was about my “soon-to-be” career. I was watching The Dog Whisperer on TV when I realized that I loved animals. A lot. I wanted to be an animal behaviorist right then and there. In other words, an animal trainer. Sure, I would be able to train dogs to sit, beg, and dance. But I didn’t want to just stop at tricks. I wanted to actually be able to make them behave without having to say “calm assertive energy” because while Ceaser is great, I have other ways of making the animal behave as they should. Now in no way am I saying that I am better than Ceaser. Absolutely not! But I won’t stop to training just dogs. I have a lot of experience with cats (I’ve litter trained atleast 6 cats in my life- maybe more) so if they won’t use the litter, I know exactly how to deter that. I also want to have the experience of training other pets and animals as well. Make myself more versatile so it’s not just a cat or a dog, ya know?

But I’m pretty excited. I’m studying the THEA so I can apply to go to college to study zoology as well as animal behavior and everything else that goes along with it. I finally get to say that “Yes, I’m going to school” when someone asks me. It’s a great feeling. And knowing that both Manders and I will be going to the same school together just makes it that much more exciting. Oooh, college life!

So in a few years look for Angela Kinder- animal behaviorist on Animal Planet! Haha!

Valentine’s Day is afoot! February 13, 2009

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If you’ve all looked at your calendars, you’ll know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Maybe you have something special planned for your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe you plan on watching a romantic comedy with a bowl of ice cream. A bowl of ice cream while watching a romantic comedy- now THAT’S a Valentine’s Day!

For me, I have no one special. Well, atleast not yet. I’ve never asked anyone out before so I’m mustering up the courage to ask him out. But I did get gifts for my mom and Manders. Well, WE got something for Mom. I can’t tell you what it is since she reads my blog. I know, the anticipation! But once we have given it to her, I’ll let you know. I can’t let you know details of what I got my twin but I’ll be vague: It’s an adorable stuffed animal with a funny ass card. Was that a little too vague? LOL I know my mom got us something and a card. We also got Dad some candy and a card, since he isn’t much for stuffed animals. The kitties and puppy got toys and treats- but instead of waiting for tomorrow, they got them Wednesday.

Zeus got a puppy with a heart hanging from it’s mouth and obviously, he doesn’t like cuteness. Within 15 minutes of getting it, the nose had already been ripped off. For some reason, he likes to go for the nose on his stuffed “babies”. Weird. The kitties got 2 string toys with stuffed balls on the end. Since the strings were elastic, I kept “shooting” them at Smokie. She wasn’t amused. Princess, on the other hand, loved them. Try to take one away to play with her and she told me “no”. LOL

But I have eating my fill of chocolate this week (I love chocolate!) and knowing I’m going to get more tomorrow makes me want to wet my knickers. I could live on chocolate, I really could!

I love Valentine’s Day. Not because I have someone special or the stuffed animals- for the chocolate!