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TB Articles: Living on A Budget August 26, 2009

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I may be young, but I’ve understood what it is like to live on a tight budget. Now that unemployment has risen the the economy is recovering too slowly for many people, living on a tight budget has become “the norm”.

When it comes to groceries, coupons have become wildly popular. But most of them are for name brands and those tend to run on the expensive side. Don’t be afraid of store brands. In some cases, they can taste the exact same as the name brand version but at a cheaper price. And sometimes, generic store brands have larger casings or packaging, making them last longer. Cap’n Crunch may taste great, but Malt-O-Meal has a bigger back with the same great taste. It may cost more, but you’ll save money when you aren’t buying the name brand box every 2 weeks. If you only get paid every 2 weeks and need to stretch the food out, stock up. Instead of buying 1 gallon of milk, buy 2. Instead of buying one box of Pop Tarts, buy 2. You might not be saving a lot of money, but you’re saving yourself a trip to the grocery store and whatever money you have left, that can used towards other things.

Speaking of trips, setting aside gas money for a week or two is a great way to save. It cuts out the desire to spend the money for something else (unless it was needed) and you know exactly where it’s going. If you spend $20 every week for gas, take out $40 for two weeks. Label an envelope “Weekly Gas- 2 Weeks”, and place the $40 in there. That way if you get the impulse to buy that DVD, you will know that it is to be used for gas or emergencies.

If you feel you can’t pay a bill or have problems buying food, don’t underestimate the power of help. There are thousands upon thousands of people who go through the exact same thing every single day. There are problems that are available to help pay a bill or even help with food. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce if you want to know what programs are available.

Living on a budget doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Reinventing the way you make pasta or even buy groceries can bring new ideas, making a tight budget seem less suffocating I promise.

Inaugurations and Colds January 21, 2009

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Now, I know it’s not as bad as some of my fellow bloggers but talking to my cyber guy (the one I threw the bowling ball at and we were supposed to have a date this weekend?) doesn’t make it any better. He asked how I was feeling and I said “I’m getting somewhat better… I just want it to be over! I’m currently trying to find the person that gave it to me so I could kick their butt!” and he replied with “A lady once told me she had it for 3 weeks.”. My jaw dropped and I typed back “Oh hell naw! I might have to kill them then!”. Ahh, such love from someone who works his butt off and someone who is sick off their butt.

Well, I did watch some of the Obama Inauguration on Tuesday. It was a lovely ceremony and I wish him well. And though I am not be politically correct all the time, I am just waiting to see what will happen. I’m not thrilled he’s our new president (though excuse me and I know I’m from Texas but most of the world agrees with me that anything is better than Bush) but I’m not appalled. With the way the economy is right now, I am just waiting to see what happens and if he can pull us out of here before we actually end up in a Depression.

We’ll see.

Unfortunately… December 30, 2008

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Starting next week (yeah, Monday Jan. 5th), I will most likely not be posting as much as I am currently. Due to the economy and financial situations beyond our control, I will not have time to blog as much. Instead, I will be finding ways to earn some extra cash for my family.

Don’t think I am going to neglect my faithful readers. I will still be posting about some cyber guy or what my week turned out to be like.

But I promise to be back!!

Winter in the summer? Part 2 July 18, 2008

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If I don’t make sense, bear with me. I woke up on the early side.

Okay, as you all know I am in a “Christmas” state of mind. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired of triple digit temperatures and I am ready for 50’s as highs and 20’s as lows. But I do know that after a while, I’ll get tired of the cold and would want spring to come. That’s how it always is.

Me, “E”, and my mom were talking about Christmas last night. Because of the economy, we doubt hardly anyone will decorate the outside of their house. That includes us. We usually have a lot out. Reindeer, spiral trees, lights all over the front and our bushes looking like someone lit them on fire. But have you noticed that less and less people are decorating year after year? I can bet that hardly ANYONE will have lights on their homes.

Can you imagine “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving)? Do you think stores are going to be filled to the brim with people taking advantage of those sales? Absolutely not! If we can’t afford to DRIVE to the store, what makes economists think we can BUY stuff in the store? With $5 gas just around the corner, Christmas is going to be low-key all around America this year.

Can’t these people get it through their thick skull? Spending 5 billion dollars on a windmill farm isn’t going to help the economy. Did the stimulus checks help? Nope!

Winter in the summer? Part 1 July 16, 2008

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I know, it seems a little odd to be thinking of the wintertime when current temperatures soar above 99*. But when a thread was posted in a forum I am a member of, it got me to thinking about wintertime. Christmas to be exact. I usually start my shopping early because I already know what everybody wants. My sister wants that hot guitar, my mom wants another “Mom of The Year” knick knack, and my dad… he doesn’t care. But this year, I am at a loss. I have an extra person to shop for and everyone has changed.

Oh, the other person? Me and “E” talked for a looooooong time yesterday. We both did something to contribute to what happened.

But yea, everyone has changed from where they were last year. One year, my sister wants that new Johnny Depp movie. This year, she wants a guitar. My mom isn’t sure what she wants for Christmas, if anything. My dad, that’s a hard one. I can’t even remember what he got last year. This year, I’ll take the guitar too. I’ve always wanted one. What’s even harder is that “E”‘s birthday is 14 days before mine, and mine is 2 weeks before Christmas. I don’t want to have to get him something for his birthday then turn around and get him something for Christmas. Because this year, I plan on getting my twin something for her birthday (same as mine, remember that). Last year, I had pneumonia so I was too sick to even enjoy our birthday. Man, is Christmas and birthday gonna be hard to shop for!

I probably wouldn’t feel like Christmas is coming up too soon if it weren’t for the economy. Will anybody be able to celebrate Christmas? Who knows. But I can guaran-damn-tee that if the economy is just as bad, “It’s A Wonderful Life” won’t be playing in my household.

Some new ways to make extra $$. July 2, 2008

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This will probably be one of my most popular posts. LOL

With this economy, it’s hard for someone with medical issues to find a decent job. Of course, I could sell stuff on eBay but from what I hear they’re buyer rate has gone down due to the new feedback system.

So I went online and searched for other ways to make money. But what to my wondering eyes should appear some really cool deals. I would take up offers on “blog for money” but WordPress doesn’t allow them plus I don’t want to blog about something I have no interest in. The next thing I saw was where you answer questionnaires for cash. What? Just answer a survey that takes 30 minutes and get $5 for it? I’m in!

Where do exactly do you sign up? One of the major ones that pays well is SurveySpot. They pay anywhere from $1-$5. I’ve seen some as high as $10. How does it work? You register with them and fill out an “about yourself” thing so they can match you with surveys for you fill out. They will send you survey invites for questionnaires from companies about different things. Some surveys and some don’t. The more surveys you take and qualify for, the more invites for surveys that actually pay. Once you receive at least $5 in your “Rewards” account, you can opt out for a check. Depending on where you live, they can arrive anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner. I can honestly say I’ve made almost $150 in like 4 months.

If you want more websites to do the survey thing, I recommend visiting http://www.freesohojobs.com/fastfindssurvey.html for tried and true places.

There are also places like ChaCha.com where you get paid for answering people’s questions through a text message. I’m not a part of this because I am on prepaid at the moment with my phone.

Here is a link I found that is quite interesting!


I just want to say that even though Blogvertise says they do not accept WordPress accounts, this isn’t entirely true. Before I found out the WordPress TOS, they accepted my blog. But luckily, I closed my Blogvertise account before I even received my “task”. So if you want to do this and have another blog, more power to ya!