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Nature Valley Review June 26, 2009

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Thanks to our friends at MyBlogSpark, Texas Banter was able to review Nature Valley‘s Granola Nut Clusters. We always enjoy food reviews! We were able to try 4 different kinds of the Granola Nut Clusters.

What they are, essentially, are honey granola clusters with various nuts tucked in. One of the nuts included was the Roasted Almonds. I love almosts so I was happy to taste it. It was good! It was crunch, pretty sweet (thanks to the honey), and had plenty of almonds. It was the perfect mix of honey, granola, and almosts. The Roasted Cashews were okay. There wasn’t that much honey and very little cashews. The Roasted Peanuts were too sweet for my taste. It overpowered the peanuts and granola. The Nut Lovers was supposed to have pecans instead of almosts but there were very little pecans in the Nut Lovers. But besides not having enough pecans, it was pretty enjoyable. Though I do prefer the Roasted Almonds.

The Nut Clusters are perfect for snacking and come in a resealable pouch for later!

Nature Valley got its start in 1975 with creating the first granola bar. Now they have over 100 different items in several different countries, include India. Almost every single item is 100% Natural, creating a better eating habit for those who have a sweet tooth or just love the taste of granola or grains.



FiberOne Review April 17, 2009

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I was hoping this was going to be a CD review since I love music, but alas, I couldn’t get both songs onto the iPod before now so I will most likely review the CD when I head off for a nap after studying.

About 3 weeks ago (when Zeus was sick), I had won AND received a FiberOne Gift basket that included a coupon for a free box of FiberOne Chewy Bars, a bar of chocolate soap, a container of chocolate bath beads, a bathtub pillow, and a bottle of Lights N Lathers Chocolate Body Lotion. Today, I was finally able to get the box of FiberOne bars, and try them. I picked up the Chocolate Mocha flavor and it didn’t take long for the yummy goodness of chocolate mocha to come calling for me so I decided to have a bar for breakfast.

I bit into it and just a sweetness of mocha and chocolate filled my mouth. It’s just essentially a granola bar but with your 35% Daily Value of Fiber. It was so chewy, so gooey, but not as sticky as some granola bars are. They had great flavor. They weren’t bland, gritty, or dry. They were probably one of the best granola bars I have ever eaten in my life and hope to get some more in the future.

FiberOne‘s motto is “Cardboard, no. Delicious, yes.”. They stand true to that!