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Books, Books, Books! May 1, 2009

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I am absolutely sure that I will eventually fry my brain from reading.

Yes, I love to read.

Why do I say that?

I am currently reading 4… count them- 1, 2, 3, 4 books! 2 of the are from the same author and the other 2 have NOTHING in common. I picked up “The Stupidest Angel” from Christopher Moore (told you I liked him) from the library this afternoon because I had requested it about a week ago. I’ve read it before but since I love it, I wanted to read it again. It had been about 2 years (maybe 3) since I last read it. That’s one I need to get.

I am also reading “Twilight- Eclipse”, which is if I am correct, the 3rd book of the series. These books are getting thicker and while I love the series, I have to take my mind of vampires and love. Being single, it can feel kind of lonely when you’re reading about love and relationships when the only thing warm in your bed at night is your cat wanting attention or the blanket draped over your feet.

So I then opted to start reading a book I bought YEARS ago but never really read because at the time, life was a little hectic and I wasn’t really big into reading. Boy, I sure have changed! This book definitely reminds me of me, if that makes sense. Ain’t it funny how you but books, thinking you just want to get away into some Fantasyland but end up changing you way of thinking about things because the books reminds you so much of yourself, you have declared you are changing?

This last book is no where near that! Remember me talking about “A Dirty Job” in a previous post? Yes, I am still reading it. I have a bad habit of getting caught up in a book or searching for books at the library that I forget that I am halfway through another book! So I end up getting books that I most likely won’t read but neglect that same “halfway through” book. Poor book.


Confusion… April 19, 2009

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This doesn’t have to deal with Cyber Guy (though we are still talking) or someone I have my eye on. This actually has to deal with a book.

If you may remember from previous posts, I am reading Fool by gore-author Christopher Moore. I usually have no problems following his books because they’re plain and straightforward. I thought it was going to be the same way with this book. Was I totally wrong the minute I started reading it! Let me set it for you: It is set in 1288 where a king’s fool is set out to set the king’s misdoings straight but end up getting into trouble himself. Sounds easy enough, don’t you agree? Wrong! I love Christopher Moore and have ready almost every book (except 1 or 2) so I should be used to his writing. But I didn’t live in England at 1288 so I don’t speak 1288 English Slang. Luckily they have footnotes for some slang words so I can follow along.

But so far, it’s a pretty interesting book! Pocket, the main character, meets witches, cats, and other characters. I am hoping that by the time I have to return it to the library, I will have finished and understood it. Okay, well, not 100% but most of it. Hell, I remember the first Christopher Moore book I read. My mom had checked out “The Stupidest Angel” from our local library and only read a couple of pages but she enjoyed it. She thought I would so I decided to read it. I was enthralled with it! I loved it! I fell in love with Moore’s writing style so I decided to buy Practical Demonkeeping, which is like another awesome book.

Maybe reminding myself of his other works will give me confidence that I can finish the book. We’ll see.

The Saga continues! February 19, 2009

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Yes, I am still at the library. Yes, I am, once again, having computer problems.

Let me back up a few days. On Tuesday evening, my mom updated our virus program and she had to restart it. So she did… Well, the monitor started saying “Check Signal Cable”. We had no idea what that meant until we realized something- duh, the signal cable! It’s probably old and needs to be replaced. We’re HOPING that’s what the problem is. If not, I’m going to scream and throw BOTH computers out the door.

So after we are done here, we’re going to go search for a replacement cable (ya know, the one that hooks up from the monitor to the computer) and hope it works. If it does, I will most likely start holding the giveaway. If not, you might have to wait until we get this figured out.

I know, I know. You were all excited about it but this has happened beyond my control. I swear- technology is out to get us!

If you see another post today, then it worked. If you don’t- well, you get the idea.

Once again, I am so sorry.

My Words of the Day February 18, 2009

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It has occurred to me that I talk… a lot. But lately, I’ve been having “words of the day”. For instance, a couple of days ago when me and Manders were talking, I kept saying “exactly” and I realized that I practically said it all day. Today, my word is “yea”. Yea this, yea that. Yea. Maybe tomorrow my “word of the day” will be “maybe”. Ya never know.

I have no idea where I was going with this. But anyways, I’m at the library. Again. Our old computer wouldn’t turn on this morning and we realized that maybe it wasn’t a “morning person”. It has trouble turning on in the morning but has no problem whatsoever turning on in the afternoon. I hate technology. It drives me insane and frustrates me. The computer I’m on won’t allow me to enter my sweeps (refer to archives), check MySpace, or even sit in a comfortable chair. I hate technology.

I NOW know what I will use for a prize in my up-coming giveaway. I know that not everyone will enter it because they have to have it but since no one has given me ideas or willing to sponsor the giveaway, I am dealing with what I have. How come everyone else gets to have their giveaway sponsored except me? I realized I’m not wildly popular on the Internet but damnit, I deserve something! Geez!

I am done ranting. Yea.