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Christmas in July: Favorite Movies July 19, 2009

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Note: Due to the videos, it may take a few moments to load. Please be patient.

Everyone has their favorite Holiday movie they enjoy watching year after year. Everytime Christmas rolls around, they are excited that they will once again see a movie they love for what seems forever. In fact, there are some Holiday movies that I don’t even put in storage after the Holidays are over with. When a Texas Summer can easily reach over 100* for days (or even weeks) on end, you do what you can to stay cool, even if it’s just wishing for snow. So what do I watch year-around, especially at the Holidays?

Even though they don’t play it on television anymore, I still enjoy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation because in some way, I can relate to them.

I am so glad they play this at Halloween and again at Christmas. It has become one of my favorite movies. It was this movie that I deemed Tim Burton to be a genius.

This HAS GOT TO BE one of my most favorite Holiday movies of all time. I remember watching it as a kid and just wishing for a White Christmas. That’s when I feel in love with Bing Crosby.

This is such a funny movie, yet heart-warming. The first time I saw this was actually when Mom bought it for all of us to watch when it came out. I still watch it during the year, even when it isn’t Christmas.

I love watching this every chance I get. I watched this when I was just a tot and fell in love with the whole claymation idea!

I love Garfield, need I say more?


Do you have a favorite Holiday movie?


Christmas in July: Christmas Faves July 13, 2009

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We all have our favorites when it comes to Christmas. We all have our favorite decorations, songs, movies, and books. I certainly have my fair share of favorites, especially when it comes to decorations and movies.

I love nutcrackers. I know that to some people, they are rather creepy looking and wouldn’t want them watching over their Christmas tree. They have this malice look about them as if they are going to steal your presents. But I love how they look! I think they look rather interesting. Considering they are made in Germany, that makes it all worthwhile! I’ll often glance through a catalog and see a nutcracker. I’d look at the price, look at the nutcracker, and look at the price again. It’s nice to dream that maybe one day I’ll eventually own the Limited Edition Merlin The Magician Nutcracker or the 2007 Steinbach Nutcracker Dutch Santa Sinterklaas. In fact, I currently own only 1 nutcracker I bought at ROSS. That’s what got me started on wanting to collect Nutcrackers. I understand that that good quality nutcrackers can pretty much break the bank, there is no harm in dreaming, right?

As far as movies go, well, that’s difficult to say. I love all sorts of Holiday movies from Meet Me in St. Louis to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to even A Charlie Brown Christmas. But I’d have to say that my favorite Christmas movie is “The Polar Express”. I know it’s a movie made specially for children, but I look forward to it EVERY year. It includes one of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks. It also makes you want to believe that Santa is real and in some way, as I am watching it, I find myself believing in Santa. If only for a split second, I feel like a kid again. By the time my birthday rolls around on December 12th, I can promise you that it will be bought for year-round enjoyment!


CIJ: Gift Ideas for Kids/Teens July 4, 2009

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Even with children, they seem to be the easiest to shop for. They can be picky, but they also enjoy unwrapping gifts and squealing with delight as they realized that they got something off their Christmas list (even if it isn’t the exact Barbie doll they wanted). I have realized through tons of TV watching and Christmas shopping, Moms and Dads are going towards educational and personalized gifts to give their children. At Happy Kids Personalized, there are a lot of items to choose from, including personalized music CDs, children’s books, and even personalized T-Shirts. With Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother items on the rise, there should be no surprise that their products will end up on Christmas lists all around the world.

While action figures and dolls are envitable as they are synonmous with Christmas gifts, give them the gift of creativity with arts and crafts. At Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, you can usually find craft kits that includes painting, art sand, and even mosiacs. Letting them use their creative noodle not only keeps them occupied, they’ll use that same creativity and imagination later in life. Trust me- I was big on crafts when I was younger.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but I was hoping vintage toys would make a comeback. I remember getting a Furby for Christmas and a LiteBrite one year. While they aren’t what they used to be, they still sell the Mousetrap game and Simon games at Toys R Us.

But if you’re having problems figuring out what to get your teenager, DVDs of their favorite TV shows/artists and electronics are the way to go. As I went into my teens years, it got harder for Mom to shop for Manders and I because we weren’t particular in what we wanted. We were going through that stage so we had made it difficult. iPods, iPod decks, and even Guitar Hero video games seem to be what is currently popular with this age. If you do decide to get them Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I can say that it will pay for itself. As your teen continues playing, they will continue to keep getting better at it and there are other versions of them to buy so they they never have to play the same song month after month after month. If they’re friends receive a Guitar Hero guitar in the same platform, they can play against each other to see who has the highest score! You can also get the a gift card to iTunes so they can download their favorite music to place on an iPod they already have.

I may not have children but I sure do speak from experience!


Colds and Movies April 27, 2009

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It has been raining since this morning.

Well, actually it isn’t raining anymore but it had pretty much been raining all day. Why I didn’t think to put on pants instead of wearing shorts, I don’t know. But I have been pretty much in and out of the rain all day in a t-shirt and shorts. And I know you can’t get sick from just being wet, but I think I may have contracted a cold. Naturally, with the swine flu cases, my sister is freaking out that I may have swine flu. Even if I did, the only thing that would have to be done is keep me home-bound. But even with this cold, I probably won’t be getting out much because I don’t want to get other people catch the cold and send them into a frenzy thinking they have swine flu. I don’t want to cause a Central Texas panic just because I have a simple cold (or is it a sinus infection? Huh.). That would make my life a living hell. That would pretty much suck.

I have fallen in love. Not with some other guy (besides Cyber Guy but he already knows. LOL). But with a movie. A movie I have watched over and over agian until I pretty much know what they are going to say or what they are going to do. My new love is “You’ve Got Mail”. Now, I’m not one for Romantic Comedies because of the whole “romantic” part. But because I met Cyber Guy online, it makes a lot of sense. We don’t have meaningful conversations like Kathleen Kelley and Joe Fox do on “You’ve Got Mail” but I do relish the times we have together, for however long they may be. I already know what happens in the movie but my heart beats wildly at the fact that this happens everyday. People sign on, go into some chatroom, have interesting conversations, and eventually end up together. Or perhaps they use no specifics and don’t tell each other their names until they are absolutely sure they can handle everything that will be said. It’s a thought, right?

Maybe the next time I sign into a Yahoo! chatroom, I’ll met some guy and we can exchange e-mails without being at all specific and eventually end up as a couple. Or maybe I’ll just finish watching the movie and move onto the next one borrowed from the local library: Sweeney Todd.

Ghosts and Storms April 23, 2009

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I wanna be a ghost hunter. I want to be a storm chaser.


Well, I’ll start with the ghost thing. I have a fascination with the paranormal. I reguarly watch “Ghost Hunters” on Sci-Fi and “Weird Travels” on the Travel Channel. Call me crazy and say they don’t exist, but I’ve had my own ghostly experiences. I won’t go into details but ever since I was little, I’ve believed in ghosts. I think it would be cool to go on these excursions with people like TAPS just to see what a “hunt” is like. But then again, I’m not 100% sure. I love being scared but the things they show on those episodes creep me out! Hell, I got scared watching “White Noise” in the dark by myself when it came out. I’ll take my chances and bring extra pants. I still want to go on a “ghost hunt”.

I want to be a storm chaser. I’ve said time and time again that I love storms. I think it would be thrilling to be 2 miles from a tornado touching down and just getting an eyeful of the sheer volume of Mother Nature. I love an adrenaline rush. I also love learning about weather and prefer hands-on learning that reading from a book. Plus it has always been my dream to get a picture of lightning and a tornado. I am crazy, I know this. I will eventually get to take a picture of a lightning bolt and a Mother-Nature-induced tornado. And still bring an extra pair of pants.

Fads and Movies April 22, 2009

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Thanks to Manders, I am now following a fad. Oh you means, beside Twitter? I’m the one that started the fad within my family.

But I am currently reading the first book of the “Twilight” series. Manders wanted to read it to see what all the fuss was about. Now she knows. She eventually asked me to read it. I thought “Oh great, I am following a fad. I hate fads.” but to much of my surprise, the first book is so far good! Granted, I am only on Chapter 6. I would fall in love with Edward too! Something about being a Vampire and stealth is sexy to me. I checked out the 2nd book from the library as well so I can read it when I’m done with the first.

I also check out “Chicago” and “Now and Then” from the library. Both of them happen to be one of my favorite movies! I tend to lean towards musicals every once in a while (don’t act so shocked!) so I knew I would automatically love “Chicago”.  And Renee Zellwegger is one of my favorite actresses. Not to mention the soundtrack and music is just awesome! I even have some of the songs on the old iPod. Love iPods. I like “Now and Then” because I used to watch it when I was a teenager because Mom would watch it. It’s just a funny little movie where you can escape to another time and place.

Oh yea, and obviously, even though computer screens, people can tell we’re twins. Conley Isom, a meteorologist from KXXV (the place I went before. Remember from “My awesome memory!”?) is following both me and Manders on Twitter. I don’t know what my sister said, but Conley asked who her sister was. She said me. He replied with “I thought ya’ll were sisters!”. So me and the twin are either so memorable, we resemble each other. Or people can just tell no matter what. That was very cool!

I wish it wasn’t 90*. It’s too early to be too hot. I’m going to take a cold shower.

15 Things About Me April 8, 2009

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Since things are starting to look up for the family, I thought I would write a happy post. Sure I pretty much just put everything out there for the world to read on a daily basis- or do I? How much do you truly know about Texas Banter? Here are 15 things you would have never guessed:

1. I know every song by R&B group Jagged Edge by heart and love them to death. Name a song and I’ll give you the CD and track number.

2. I can only drink Dr Pepper or generic Dr Pepper. I refuse to drink any other soda unless its Sprite and I have the flu.

3. I used to be blonde for 8 years before a tragic breakup made me dye it.

4. I live for Subway and their tuna footlongs.

5. Football fanatic!

6. I started using computers when I was 15 but can’t build my own- go figure!

7. I am only 2 minutes older than Twin and take great pride in being the “big sister”.

8. I know a little Scottish Gaelic, German, and Spanish.

9. I like all kinds of music but mostly R&B and heavy metal (with country and other genres thrown in for good measure.)

10. I LOVE horror movies- I prefer those over action or suspense.

11. My cat, Smokie, has my nickname from high school as her name.

12. I share a birthday (Dec. 12th) with Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis.

13. I live for Spring and those hair-raising storms!

14. I try to read 2 books a week.

15. Bill Paxton and Tom Hanks are my favorite actors while Renee Zellwegger is my favorite actress.

Well now you know more about me- any questions?