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We’ve moved! September 10, 2009

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movedYou know how about a month ago that I was saying Manders and I were gonna have our own .com? Well, because of a few things, we couldn’t. But thanks to Manders winning a Visa gift card, we finally were able to! What happened was that we had our hosting site, just not our own domains. What can I say, we’ve never done this before.

Now, I have one current giveaway here and will have another one here as well. I had originally signed up for that specific giveaway with THIS blog (the other one didn’t exist yet) and since most of my readers know where to go for reviews/giveaways, I thought that it would seem a lot easier for them to enter than to have to switch blogs. Speaking of which, if you have signed up via e-mail through THIS specific blog, you will have to subscribe to the other one and unsubscribe from this one. After these 2 giveaways, I will no longer be posting on this one. You don’t need to subscribe to the other one right now as I don’t have everything where it should be.

If you’re interested in seeing the new Texas Banter, head over to TexasBanter.com!


Fall is coming! Fall is coming! August 31, 2009

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Sometime last week (I think it was Thursday), a “cool” front came through Central Texas. While it isn’t exactly “cool” by any means, except a night, it certainly has made it less hot! We have taken a break from those continuous triple digit highs and are now in the lower to mid 90’s. While most people tend to think that it is still hot while in the 90’s, it is like a sigh of relief for us Texans. After 60+ days with temperatures over 100*, 90’s are a pretty exciting thing!

Last night, around 7 pm, we took Zeus outside to play in his pool. As I stepped outside, it felt like Spring! It wasn’t humid or muggy. It wasn’t unbearably hot. It was so nice and had a little cool breeze blowing through! I didn’t want to go inside. But since Zeus got too excited and wanted to bite, we had to bring him inside. Another exciting factor is that somewhere in Indiana yesterday at like 1PM, they were at 64*! And leaves are starting to fall in other parts of the country. Yippie!

That means Fall is coming sooner (since we had such an early Summer) and that gets me excited! Goodbye flip flops, hello hoodies! While I could live in flip flops, I patiently wait for the day I can get rid of shorts and wear pants, sweaters, and my lovable hoodie. I love the feel of a chilly Fall as it sends a chill up and down my spine. I love the cool wind blowing my long black hair across my face, making my face cool. I love seeing all the trees change color. I love seeing all the little woodland (okay, city woodland) creatures come out and gather their food for the winter. And early Fall also means one thing- an early Winter! That would mean that by the time our birthday rolls around in December, it should be frigid- just like when I was younger!

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Fall is finally coming! Summer was too hot. We had little to no rain. We couldn’t take Zeus out very often (except in the evening) because of the heat so he had a lot of pent up energy in the house. All the cats did was sleep. Maybe now we can take Zeus out a couple of times a day and the cats will start running around like they used to. Yippie! Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

Bye-bye eBay- Hello Amazon! August 19, 2009

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Through a stroke of good luck, I won a $50 gift card to Amazon. At first I had trouble figuring out what to buy because I wanted to buy this and I wanted to buy that but luckily, I thought of a movie that my family loves and decided to buy it. It was Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas Celebration. When I first saw it when I was a tot, I absolutely loved it and didn’t get it on VHS until a few years ago but that tape has since been lost and we’ve been without our Claymation Christmas!

Claymation Christmas Part 1

So thanks to this gift card, I was able to buy it. The thing on Amazon said it should be here by September 8th, but I was expecting it to ARRIVE ON September 8th. I purchased it on the 16th and it arrived today! Talk about some fast shipping! That’s even better than eBay and I used the standard shipping! I love Amazon a lot better than eBay because while Amazon has its fair share of crooks, you can search for something better and eventually find it. Not to mention that 85% of companies/users fulfill their requirements as to eBay, where you have to sometimes wonder if they’ll actually send the darned thing. With Amazon’s universal wishlist, I am able to add things to my Amazon wishlists from different websites instead of bookmarking each page. With eBay, you have to “watch” the item and grow in disappointment as you watch the bids get higher and knowing you can’t bid on it. With Amazon, you just add it to a wishlist, wait until you can buy it, and away your order goes! I have a couple of more things coming (even 1/2 of Mom’s Christmas gifts). I should get another tomorrow (Mom’s gift)- yippie!

I know it’s 5 months early, but I know what I’ll be watching later!

How Ironic… June 9, 2009

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As Mom, Manders, Dad, and I were leaving this place we had gone after we picked up Dad from work, I noticed that the truck was getting warmer. True that it was 95 out and our vehicle seems to attract heat like a moth to a bug zapper. So I said that when I get too hot in the dog days of Summer, I think of sweaters of the Fall, snow of the Winter, and turkey on Thanksgiving. While the thought of turkey doesn’t naturally bring the idea of “cold”, Thanksgiving can be nicely cool here. Just the idea of putting on a turtleneck (yes, I own one) and going over to my Grandmother’s house while it is 45* outside just makes me wish Fall would come sooner. Naturally, this sparked conversation between everyone.

rsz_1114677_0465_1_lgTwin had replied with something to the effect of buying a bag of ice and just laying on it. But ice in Texas just doesn’t last very long. Then Dad started saying something about ice and the cooling effect just as I turned my head to look out Mom’s driver side window. What I noticed seemed ironic but yet, creepy. Just as he finished saying what he was saying, a truck drove by that had a TCBY sign in the back. I let out this huge grin and said “That’ll work!”. Of course, we weren’t going to get any ice cream because we had ice cream here at home and we had planned on getting pizza for dinner. But the thought that we were thinking of “cooling” ideas.

While I don’t plan on venturing outside after 12pm tomorrow due to the fact that we are to have 100 degree weather with heat indexes well over triple digits, the thought of that TCBY sign going by just as Dad was talking about ice (or was it ice cream?) still makes me giggle. It’s not every day that something like this happens. Nope, surely isn’t.

Randomness Coolness… May 16, 2009

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You can ask anyone in my family- there are times I make absolutely no sense!

Yesterday was another one of those times.

Mother and I had driven out to where my Dad works to pick him up (Keep this in mind as you are reading: It’s somewhat of an airport). Sissy didn’t feel like going with us so she stayed home. We arrived a little earlier than we had planned so while we were waiting, I decided to call Manders just to see how she was doing and how Zeus was doing. Not to mention we had a little business to talk about concerning a certain show she does on MySpace. True, we could’ve talked about it before we left or after we got back. But she had just woken up before we left so I wanted her to wake up a little bit before she starts making any promises about the show.

After I had asked her how she was doing or how the dog was doing, we started talking about the show. We were trying to decide when the best morning would be to film it at the park. While we were discussing this, I saw Dad zoom around on a golf cart. Not thinking of how stupid or weird I would sound, as Manders was in mid-sentence, I said “Oh look, there goes Daddy!”. Since I had Manders on speakerphone, you hear her laughing and Mom starts laughing. I immediately apologized and we resumed talks about what day would be best. As I started speaking, I noticed an airplane was coming down to land. Once again, not thinking, I blurted out “Hey, a plane!”. Manders starts laughing again- except a litlte harder this time.

I understand I seem very weird, especially when it comes to things like that. But moments like that seem more fun because they are unscripted and nothing can take away from the beauty of two twins and their mother having laughs because one of the twins can’t concentrate enough to have a decent conversation!

No but seriously, it was fun.

Ghosts and Storms April 23, 2009

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I wanna be a ghost hunter. I want to be a storm chaser.


Well, I’ll start with the ghost thing. I have a fascination with the paranormal. I reguarly watch “Ghost Hunters” on Sci-Fi and “Weird Travels” on the Travel Channel. Call me crazy and say they don’t exist, but I’ve had my own ghostly experiences. I won’t go into details but ever since I was little, I’ve believed in ghosts. I think it would be cool to go on these excursions with people like TAPS just to see what a “hunt” is like. But then again, I’m not 100% sure. I love being scared but the things they show on those episodes creep me out! Hell, I got scared watching “White Noise” in the dark by myself when it came out. I’ll take my chances and bring extra pants. I still want to go on a “ghost hunt”.

I want to be a storm chaser. I’ve said time and time again that I love storms. I think it would be thrilling to be 2 miles from a tornado touching down and just getting an eyeful of the sheer volume of Mother Nature. I love an adrenaline rush. I also love learning about weather and prefer hands-on learning that reading from a book. Plus it has always been my dream to get a picture of lightning and a tornado. I am crazy, I know this. I will eventually get to take a picture of a lightning bolt and a Mother-Nature-induced tornado. And still bring an extra pair of pants.

Get The 8 Ball Rolling! April 17, 2009

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I was nabbed by my good friend Linda at Crone and Bear It for a game of 8 tag. I love stuff like this so you know I’m game!.  So here we go:
8 things I’m looking forward to:

1. Start the local community college and off to Georgetown, Texas I go to finish up at Southwestern University for Animal Science!
2. Having my first bloggy giveaway! (Now if only I could hurry up and receive the product I’m supposed to review!)
3. Spring storms to come- remember, I live for these!
4. Zeus getting his harness and new leash so maybe he wouldn’t chew on his leash and pull us.

5. Getting back to where my hair is black all the time (instead of my dark brown roots showing and overtaking my hair!)

6. Having a new car to play with for college!

7. Finally finishing “Fool” by Christopher Moore (late 17th century English slang makes me confused.)
8. Losing a few pounds- what woman doesn’t want to, right?

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Twittered.
2. Did errands.
3. Give the doggy a bath.
4. Read some.
5. Spent time blogging.
6. Told Manders she was as fun as a “kitten playing with yarn”.
7. Spent time on SuperPoke Pets (my new obsession).
8. TRIED to review a CD on the iPod until I realized not all the songs were on it. (That helps in NO way.)

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Learn how to organize so everything I own isn’t in some random box or all over the desk.
2. Constantly hold bloggy giveaways (because I like to give. LOL)

3. Make a stranger’s day everyday!

4. Learn to speak German. (All I know is enough to say “good day”, “good afternoon”, and “good night”… oh, and my last name (which means “child”.))
5. Vacation in Scotland!
6. Teach Zeus to sit, stay, and “No”.
7. Become well-known in computers so I could build my own.
8. Figure out the secret to men.

8 shows I watch:

1. Bizarre Foods
2. Family Guy
3. Futurama
4. Roseanne
5. Taboo
6. Ghost Hunters
7. Weird Travels
8. Unwrapped
8 people I tag:

1. Confetti Dreams
2. Midwest Mom
3. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
4. Anyone who wants to play
5. Anyone who wants to play
6. Anyone who wants to play
7. Anyone who wants to play
8. And anyone else who wants to play

I obviously don’t have a lot of personal “blogging” friends so I am stuck with figuring out those who do check out my blog. So if any readers want to play, feel free to do so! Now that I have no witty or charming answers- play!

Post your own answers to the questions in each category, including 8 people you want to tag. Have fun!

Tired of winter? March 22, 2009

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Ok, so it isn’t exactly winter here. It’s definitely Spring (note previous post!) with warm temps and winds. Maybe a few storms on the one way but one can only hope.

But is it cold where you are? I’ve been watching the Weather Channel (I usually watch the “Storm Stories” since I love learning and watching about tornadoes. Go figure.), and saw that a lot of the northern states are still getting snow and cold weather. Wanna  have something to look foward to? Go to http://www.procreo.jp/labo/flower_garden.swf and just click anywhere on the blank screen.

Happy Spring!

Whew! March 2, 2009

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Lately, I’ve been talking to Cyber Guy. A lot.

Ever since my hospital fiasco, we hardly ever go a day without saying something. He’ll ask how I’m feeling or what I’m up to. Even though he’s asked it before, that’s the first thing he’ll ask. He used to say “Hey sexy” or “Hey beautiful” (yea, I know… gives me a fuzzy feeling inside when he does that). But he’ll just come right out and ask me.

I was talking to Mom a couple of days ago about Cyber Guy and I had told her that I made up my mind to not ask him out. The deal with that is that he has a really demanding job and I would never see him (except once a month or so, unless he planned on coming up every day he’s off. I don’t think so.) and he travels everywhere. The week after Valentine’s Day, he was in Arkansas for a week and 1/2. But Mom said something that was true. She told me not to ask him out and see what happens. If it was meant to be, then I will know. Which is very true!

We still talk on the phone sometimes (though I missed his call yesterday and didn’t get a chance to call back. I felt so guilty!). Oh, and he sent me a picture through e-mail today. How I had forgotten how good he looks! We were on Yahoo! Messenger so I put the drooling face and said “you make my heart skip a beat” and he replied with “Like it?”. How could I not say “Hell yea!”.

What’s funny is that we tell each other we love each other (no “love ya”, but “I love you!”) but we’re not together. Even if we are on the edge of being together but continue to remain that way, that’s fine. I have no problem with that and I know many others will say “Get rid of him!” but it’s the love we have for each other that keeps us close to another’s heart. I know we will eventually be together. It’ll just take some time.

Well… February 26, 2009

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No kittens just yet. But she has gotten attatched and didn’t let me sleep at all. She wanted attention all night and when I would put her in her nesting box, she’d jump out and come back to me. So right now, I am writing with very little sleep. Where’s the caffeine when ya need it?

Speaking of which, you will be proud of me. I haven’t had chocolate since Sunday and haven’t had caffeine since Monday. Oh my goodness, am I having withdrawals. I want chocolate. I want soda. I want cookies. I want fudge! Which I have to pick a bone with Manders. She went to Etsy.com for some reason and bookmarked a page. One morning I was being nosy through the bookmarks and clicked on it. I immediately regretted clicking on the bookmark. Why? Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6650648 and you’ll see why. Damn, I shouldn’t have visited it again. My stomach is growling.

This will probably be one of the most random posts I have ever made but with very little sleep, it’s hard to concentrate on just one subject. Here’s to hoping I have enough energy to do either A) clean or B) study for the THEA. We really need to clean but we also need to study (since I didn’t do good in the diagnostic test). Maybe I’ll take a nap. Yea. A nap.

I have nothing… January 20, 2009

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Words usually don’t escape me when I decide to post. I am exceptionally witty, charming, and often times, random. But today as I sit down to check my e-mail, I realized that words don’t come easily today. Usually I don’t have to sit here and think hard about what the next sentence will say. They just seem to flow effortlessly from my fingertips to the keyboard. Even with Helloween’s “Paint It Black” pounding metal into my ear, I can’t think of anything.

Who knows. It could be to my cold, due to the fact I didn’t sleep well last night (got too hot, got too cold), or maybe just because I don’t have anything interesting to say. Now that would be a first for me. If you haven’t noticed, I’m extremely talkative and excessively random. I am just gonna chalk it up to be sick. Because I always have something to say!

I’m witty, remember?

Rules for the Dog October 24, 2008

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To my beloved Pooch:

You may have not been here long and I understand you have trouble following some simple rules. So instead of putting you in a “time out”, I’d figure it would be better to put the rules in writing.

I am not a moving target. My hands, arms, and feet are not chew toys. I do not appreciate it when you try to bite me the first moment of my awakening. Leave the biting for food and toys.

Please… Once again, PLEASE do not chase the cats. They are not amused and will fight back. They have sharper claws than you do and are faster. If you can’t climb up the curtain to get to them, don’t try chasing them.

I understand you get excited sometimes when I’m heading towards the door or kitchen. But trying to trip me isn’t a great way of showing it.

What I do not understand is why you have to follow me to the bathroom and sit by the closed door, whining. Like I told you kitty companion, unless you can use the toilet, there is no need for you to be there.

You are not a cat. Do not eat the cat’s food. You have your own.

What is your obsession with trash? Just because it smells good doesn’t mean it’s gonna taste just like it smells.

Why must you sit in front of the fridge everytime I open it? No you can’t have anything so don’t bother asking.

We do not use the floor as a toilet. We have set up stations for your private business. Please use those.

Do not chew on the furniture or the bed. We need them to sit on. Unless you want us to sit on the floor.

When we are outside with the boyfriend, try not to “hog tie” him with your leash. I don’t want to make a trip to the emergency room because you want to play.

I havte noticed that you have less rules than the cat. That’s saying something! Now, I will post these where you can see them everyday as a reminder. And remember: I wuv you!


Your Human

Haha! How funny cartoons! July 30, 2008

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I think the time is coming! July 19, 2008

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I think Smokie is in her last few weeks of her pregnancy.

This is Smokie:

I say that because her moods have DEFINITELY changed. She “cries” when I leave the house, and is always wanting to be near me. I could walk out of the room and my sister would say Smokie whined. This will be a bittersweet pregnancy for both of us. I am sad that Smokie will no longer be able to be a mother after this and I know she’s going to miss having kittens. I, too, say that because she is getting too old to give birth. She’s going on 6 years old and being pregnant takes a lot out of her. But I can already hear a little mew coming from her birthing box and I can already see my sister’s cat, Princess, having a playmate (when it’s old enough!)! Though I am a little worried. Princess is a rambunctious kitten and I just hope she doesn’t try to play with or attack the newborns. Guess we’ll find out, huh?

I know this was boring. But I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself!c

Winter in the summer? Part 1 July 16, 2008

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I know, it seems a little odd to be thinking of the wintertime when current temperatures soar above 99*. But when a thread was posted in a forum I am a member of, it got me to thinking about wintertime. Christmas to be exact. I usually start my shopping early because I already know what everybody wants. My sister wants that hot guitar, my mom wants another “Mom of The Year” knick knack, and my dad… he doesn’t care. But this year, I am at a loss. I have an extra person to shop for and everyone has changed.

Oh, the other person? Me and “E” talked for a looooooong time yesterday. We both did something to contribute to what happened.

But yea, everyone has changed from where they were last year. One year, my sister wants that new Johnny Depp movie. This year, she wants a guitar. My mom isn’t sure what she wants for Christmas, if anything. My dad, that’s a hard one. I can’t even remember what he got last year. This year, I’ll take the guitar too. I’ve always wanted one. What’s even harder is that “E”‘s birthday is 14 days before mine, and mine is 2 weeks before Christmas. I don’t want to have to get him something for his birthday then turn around and get him something for Christmas. Because this year, I plan on getting my twin something for her birthday (same as mine, remember that). Last year, I had pneumonia so I was too sick to even enjoy our birthday. Man, is Christmas and birthday gonna be hard to shop for!

I probably wouldn’t feel like Christmas is coming up too soon if it weren’t for the economy. Will anybody be able to celebrate Christmas? Who knows. But I can guaran-damn-tee that if the economy is just as bad, “It’s A Wonderful Life” won’t be playing in my household.