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Help Our Cause! August 13, 2009

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I usually don’t solicit votes or anything because that just isn’t me. But because of my cause that I’m helping, Toys for Tots, I couldn’t help but let you know that you can help Toys for Tots just by voting.

Boise® X-9® is having a Holiday Carton Promo. Boise will be producing a limited quantity of special edition Boise X-9 paper cartons during the holiday season and they want you to choose your favorite design. But that’s not all- for every vote received, they will be donating $1 to Toys for Tots. Since Manders and I are advocates for the Toys for Tots organization, I know I will be voting every day. But wait, that’s not all!

You can also enter to win 1 or 2 WEEKLY $50 gift cards to Best Buy. So if the Toys for Tots votes weren’t enough incentive for you, I know the gift cards are!

So help us help our cause and enter for the chance to win a gift card to Best Buy!


Guiltless Gourmet Review June 30, 2009

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Thanks to our friends at Guiltless Gourmet, we were able to try their Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips.

Now, Guitless Gourmet isn’t like any tortilla chip you’ve had. They are 100% baked. They don’t heavily salt the chips. They are all made with organic corn. With 18 chips as a serving, you get plenty of flavor! They all have 125 or less calories and 3 grams of fat per serving. Not only is it good, it’s good for you!

Their Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips were so delicious! They were perfectly baked. They were lightly salted but still had enough salt to take care of your salt craving. They were so flavorful! I loved the crunch they had! It’s hard to believe they were 100% organic! I couldn’t help myself! I wanted more! I could have easily eaten the whole bag! Theye were so good that I actually might have to pick up a couple of bags next time I go to the store! They are so yummy that even the pickiest of chip eaters will love them!

So where you can you find these? They’re not widely available so on their website, they have a store locator. You choose a product, type in your zip code, and they’ll give you stores within a 90-mile radius. Even if the closest store for me is 15 minutes away, these are well worth it!

Guiltless Gourmet is having a sweepstakes! You can win a trip to Vegas! You do need to buy a bag of Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla chips in order to play or send in a 3” x 5” piece of paper with all your information on it. But you could possibly instantly win a $100 gift card or a bag of Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla Chips. And each time you enter, you get an entry for a 4-days/3-nights at a 5 Diamond Resort in Las Vegas! For more information or to enter, visit Guiltless Gourmet.

I can’t help myself! January 7, 2009

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I seem to have a problem (as if that’s nothing new!)! I entered a giveaway about a year ago hoping to win a rack of Mrs. Dash spices. I didn’t win so I entered another giveaway for a sky.fm subscription. I won, much to my surprise!

Then, I got addicted. Do you know that there are over 700-800 contests/sweepstakes/giveaways happening EVERY month? You can win everything from underwear to guitars to even vacations. I don’t enter to win vacations, only because I can’t afford the taxes. I haven’t really won much (except the subscription) but I usually enter to win stuff I know my family could use, possible gifts, or things I know I would enjoy.

I know, I know. This all sounds “too good to be true” but trust me, it can happen. Don’t believe me? Head over to Online-Sweepstakes.com and find out for yourself!

Hell, you might win something.

Sweepstakes Frenzy? March 11, 2008

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What you many not know is that there are at least 1,000 online sweepstakes going on at this time.  There are Sweepstakes with prizes anywhere from free trips, guitars, makeup, gift cards to even $2,000 in cash.  Sounds interesting, but what’s the catch? Well, believe it or not, there is usually one for a few.

For instance, there is this Sweepstakes going  on where you have to submit a photo of you at a nighttime event, along with a caption that explains it. What is the Prize? The First Grand Prize is a Guitar, iPod Shuffle, and autographed CD from the popular band Finger Eleven. Then Internet users actually vote for a winner. As a fan of Finger Eleven, I would LOVE to enter but don’t have any pictures of me out at night. Ah, sometimes I wish this contest were easier than that.

From the same sponsors of the Finger Eleven sweeps, they have another contest where you submit a picture of yourself looking/being geeky along with a caption. What is the prize for this one? A MacBook Air laptop computer and an iPod Touch. As with the other one, users vote for the “coolest geek”.

So where can you get in on the action of all the Sweepstakes going on? Take a ride to Online-Sweepstakes.com. They offer an amazing array of Sweepstakes going on right now. There is a forum when you get tired of filing out all of those entry forms and sending all those entry e-mails.  Trust me, it is worth it!