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Summertime… May 27, 2009

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Call me crazy, but I think I am one of those Texans that absolutely hates the Summertime.

Yes, I am not a fan of Summer. When a Texas Summer can reach over 100* every day, all you want to do is sleep in a tub full of ice. It’s too hot to do much of anything outside without being drenched in sweat. Even Zeus and that kitties complain that it’s too hot. I guess if I had fur, I would too.

Then again, I do look forward to a few things every time Summer tolls around. I love the 4th of July fireworks. They’re so beautiful against the Texas sky on a hot Summer night. I also enjoy getting into water fights against Manders with the water hose. EVERY Summer, we have water fights and have been doing so since we were little. It’s a great way to cool off and it’s super fun! We end up getting soaking wet but it’s a small price to pay for family fun!

Other than that, I prefer to stay somewhere there is an air conditioner. If I have to go out, I always have shorts, flip flops, and sunglasses on. I live for the day I can wear flip flops once again. I would wear them 365 days out of the year if I could. I know it’s not exactly stylish but when the temperature reaches 110* in August, you can’t exactly go out in public in your skivvies.

I am counting the day until I can put away the shorts (keeping the flip flops) and put on a sweater. I live for the Fall Season and even though it’s not even June yet, I cannot wait until the first cool front comes through to make my body send chills down my spine and my nose tingle with the scent of Fall. Maybe that’s something to look forward to.


Too hot! May 13, 2009

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I know Twin has already posted about this, but now it is my turn!

Is it just me or does it seem to be getting hot a little too early here in Texas? Forget the fact that it isn’t even in seasonal temperatures! It’s not even summer and we are hitting 90’s as a high! That is entirely too early to be getting that hot! We are even having heat indexes in the triple digits! I am not kidding! The house is hot and therefore, everyone else is hot. Zeus pants to cool himself down and the poor cats try everywhere to find a cool place to nap. I even gave Smokie a bath (besides fleas) to cool her down! She hated it but didn’t do as bad as she did one time: escape the bathroom and trek soap and water all over the house.

I expect this kind of weather come June into July, but not when it’s the middle of May! 80’s, sure. If you ask me, that’s seasonal! I would gladly welcome any 60’s or 70’s for the day! But not 90’s! We aren’t prepared! We have one air conditioner in the bedroom and one in the living room. I don’t think we even had a Spring! We hardly had any Spring storms, and hardly had any rain.

I know I shouldn’t complain because there isn’t much I can do about the weather. But c’mon- it’s way too hot for May and with mediocre air conditioners working full-time, it doesn’t help! You just want to fill the bathtub with ice water and sink into it. You just want to run around in your skivvies just so hot clothing doesn’t touch your sweaty skin. You just want to stand in front of an open freezer door for an hour or two.

I am not looking forward to this summer. Nope, I surely am not!

What I Hate About Spring March 22, 2009

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Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Spring- especially those severe thunderstorms that make the adrenaline start running and you running for the flashlights. I love storms.

So what do I hate about Spring? All the freakin’ pollen! I have severe allergy problems (always have since I was a little lass) and I absolutely despise it! It’s either my sinuses or my allergies. Of course, I get it from my Dad. But anyways, I woke up this morning with a little sniffle and grabbed the tissue. Little did I know what was going to happen.

I just started sneezing. Not once, not twice. But like three or four times in a row. And this didn’t happen once. I’ve been sneezing non-stop all morning. Took the dog out- sneezed almost the whole time. Came in- still sneezed but not as much. I took some allergy medicine later so hopefully that will make me feel better. I sure do hope we get some storms to wash out whatever the hell is floating in the air making me feel like crap.

Otherwise, I’m going to invest in a “surgical mask” and an air purifier. This sucks.

Seriously?! March 6, 2009

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Come on!

Wednesday morning, I decided to get online like always. Everything was going PERFECT until the computer turned off. I didn’t turn it off. The cats didn’t turn it off. The dog didn’t even turn it off. It just went off. We tried all day to see if it would come back on for us but never did.

Ugh! This stupid computer is driving me bonkers! Like what the hell?! Hell, I was excited about holding a giveaway here on TB (Texas Banter) as as on TwinTastic  but noooo, that has to wait at least a month! Are you kidding me?

So we’ve opted to take it to someone who can maybe tell us what the deal is. But that has to wait. I can’t go into great details but we simply cannot afford it at the moment.

That’s it. I’m going back to the “BC” ages (Before Computers) so maybe I could forget about them.

The Saga continues! February 19, 2009

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Yes, I am still at the library. Yes, I am, once again, having computer problems.

Let me back up a few days. On Tuesday evening, my mom updated our virus program and she had to restart it. So she did… Well, the monitor started saying “Check Signal Cable”. We had no idea what that meant until we realized something- duh, the signal cable! It’s probably old and needs to be replaced. We’re HOPING that’s what the problem is. If not, I’m going to scream and throw BOTH computers out the door.

So after we are done here, we’re going to go search for a replacement cable (ya know, the one that hooks up from the monitor to the computer) and hope it works. If it does, I will most likely start holding the giveaway. If not, you might have to wait until we get this figured out.

I know, I know. You were all excited about it but this has happened beyond my control. I swear- technology is out to get us!

If you see another post today, then it worked. If you don’t- well, you get the idea.

Once again, I am so sorry.

My Words of the Day February 18, 2009

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It has occurred to me that I talk… a lot. But lately, I’ve been having “words of the day”. For instance, a couple of days ago when me and Manders were talking, I kept saying “exactly” and I realized that I practically said it all day. Today, my word is “yea”. Yea this, yea that. Yea. Maybe tomorrow my “word of the day” will be “maybe”. Ya never know.

I have no idea where I was going with this. But anyways, I’m at the library. Again. Our old computer wouldn’t turn on this morning and we realized that maybe it wasn’t a “morning person”. It has trouble turning on in the morning but has no problem whatsoever turning on in the afternoon. I hate technology. It drives me insane and frustrates me. The computer I’m on won’t allow me to enter my sweeps (refer to archives), check MySpace, or even sit in a comfortable chair. I hate technology.

I NOW know what I will use for a prize in my up-coming giveaway. I know that not everyone will enter it because they have to have it but since no one has given me ideas or willing to sponsor the giveaway, I am dealing with what I have. How come everyone else gets to have their giveaway sponsored except me? I realized I’m not wildly popular on the Internet but damnit, I deserve something! Geez!

I am done ranting. Yea.


Pay attention, you idiot! August 23, 2008

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Warning: This is a vent.

Yesterday, me and “E” went to go pick my dad up from work. We were stopped at a stop sign right next to a highway exit. I pulled up a little but saw that a car was speeding off the exit so I stopped. Well, this idiot behind me wasn’t paying attention. She didn’t exactly rear-end me but ended up grinding against the driver’s side closer to the rear. I put the car in park and was ready to jump out. My dad told me to stay so I did. We ended up at a Honda dealership. I called Mom (of course, I started crying. I was stressed and had been wanting to cry all day.) and Dad called the police. “E” was extremely supportive. He kept asking me if I was okay and rubbing my back or shoulders. The lady never did once get out of the car. Guess she was scared of us. LOL It seemed like forever for the officer to show up. He got our information and stories. He even said that she was at fault. Wrote a police report and gave it to us. The funny thing was that he almost walked off with my license! I need that! No one was injured, which is great!

I know it was Friday and the weekend. I know people are wanting to get home, but pay attention! Next to a highway, it’s very dangerous though! If she would have hit us from behind, we would’ve been in the way of oncoming traffic and it could have been much worse. That’s why people get seriously injured (or worse!) because people don’t pay attention to what they’re doing!!!!

Pay attention. It might save a life

Some father you are! August 11, 2008

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This is a rant and a vent. Just a warning.

This all started last night. Me, Manders, and Mom were talking about our Dad before bed. It’s not usually a good topic but we were annoyed with him. Things my mom revealed about what he said in the past shocked me beyond belief! Before we were 18 and they had a fight, my dad actually said “I’m going to find a lawyer and take those girls from you. You’re an unfit mother and I can prove it.”. What?! Other things she mentioned made me see him in a new light.

Another incident really upset me. My mom was telling him about the letter “E” wrote, and all my dad said was “Yeah, okay.”. Yeah, okay?!?! How would he like it if the same had happened to him? Would he have a different perspective?

I know my father loves us, but I don’t know if he cares about us. The day I went to the hospital, he came home and just asked how my day was. I know he was told because when Mom got home, she asked me how I was feeling. My dad never did ask how I felt ever since then. I don’t know. I feel like I’ve had more of a “father” than a Dad. I feel like I’ve lost out on the bonding a daughter and father have their first few years.

On a lighter note, if you ever get tired of reading my blog, head over to my twin’s blog (http://mandersmusings.wordpress.com/) to read some more crazy shit.

That’s it, I’m done! July 14, 2008

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I’m tired of being tossed aside like a piece of garbage. It’s hurts. Like a knife cutting into my heart and twisting.

“E” has decided he is going to start avoiding me. I won’t go into details, but it’s really starting to piss me off. I don’t like being lied to and if he has a reason he’s avoiding me I’d like to know! At first, I was happy to be in a relationship. Oh how I missed the feeling of someone’s arm around me. But now that I think about it, I was MUCH happier off being single. I didn’t have to the stress of trying to make it work, make him happy and me happy at the same time, and worrying if we’re gonna make it. Now that I think about it, I’m done worrying about guys/men/little boys. If they can’t man up and take responsibility and be truthful, then why try?