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“V” Shape July 26, 2009

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It’s been a few days since Zeus has been outside due to the fact that Mom and and I haven’t been feeling our best the past few days. We both suffer from ulcers (which is normal for some who have had their gallbladders removed), and on top of that, I was having issues with my sinuses. Of course, for us sinus sufferers, this isn’t something new. Summer always brings out the worst of allergens and I am always sniffling or stocking up on tissue. I hate Summer. LOL Have I mentioned that before?

geesev_bigSo last night, Manders and I decided to take Zeus out to play in his kiddie pool we had bought for him. As he splashed around, getting us wet, I looked up at the sky and saw birds flying in a “V” formation. A chill ran down my spine. Seeing that, for me, means cooler weather will soon be here. It has also been getting darker sooner. That’s another great sign! Texas has had such a brutal Summer that any sign of cooler weather just sends our hears aflutter. Most Texans enjoy the Summer, though I’m sure they changed their minds this time as temperatures easily hit 108* by the time it’s 3PM. As I look to see what the temperatures are for the rest of the week, I can’t help but smile. It seems as if the triple digit heat will leave us alone atleast until Friday.

I love Texas in the Fall. It’s absolutely gorgeous. As the setting Sun hits the oak tree in the back in November, its as if the tree were on fire. Seeing the kitten that lives outside play as the leaves fall around him, not sure which leaf to play with since there are so many. Watching a squirrel forage for food before Winter arrives as he brushes past huge bundles of fallen leaves. Watching the trees change from Summer green to burnt orange right before your very eyes.

Texas is beautiful in the Fall. I love Texas.


Too hot! May 13, 2009

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I know Twin has already posted about this, but now it is my turn!

Is it just me or does it seem to be getting hot a little too early here in Texas? Forget the fact that it isn’t even in seasonal temperatures! It’s not even summer and we are hitting 90’s as a high! That is entirely too early to be getting that hot! We are even having heat indexes in the triple digits! I am not kidding! The house is hot and therefore, everyone else is hot. Zeus pants to cool himself down and the poor cats try everywhere to find a cool place to nap. I even gave Smokie a bath (besides fleas) to cool her down! She hated it but didn’t do as bad as she did one time: escape the bathroom and trek soap and water all over the house.

I expect this kind of weather come June into July, but not when it’s the middle of May! 80’s, sure. If you ask me, that’s seasonal! I would gladly welcome any 60’s or 70’s for the day! But not 90’s! We aren’t prepared! We have one air conditioner in the bedroom and one in the living room. I don’t think we even had a Spring! We hardly had any Spring storms, and hardly had any rain.

I know I shouldn’t complain because there isn’t much I can do about the weather. But c’mon- it’s way too hot for May and with mediocre air conditioners working full-time, it doesn’t help! You just want to fill the bathtub with ice water and sink into it. You just want to run around in your skivvies just so hot clothing doesn’t touch your sweaty skin. You just want to stand in front of an open freezer door for an hour or two.

I am not looking forward to this summer. Nope, I surely am not!

Colds and Movies April 27, 2009

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It has been raining since this morning.

Well, actually it isn’t raining anymore but it had pretty much been raining all day. Why I didn’t think to put on pants instead of wearing shorts, I don’t know. But I have been pretty much in and out of the rain all day in a t-shirt and shorts. And I know you can’t get sick from just being wet, but I think I may have contracted a cold. Naturally, with the swine flu cases, my sister is freaking out that I may have swine flu. Even if I did, the only thing that would have to be done is keep me home-bound. But even with this cold, I probably won’t be getting out much because I don’t want to get other people catch the cold and send them into a frenzy thinking they have swine flu. I don’t want to cause a Central Texas panic just because I have a simple cold (or is it a sinus infection? Huh.). That would make my life a living hell. That would pretty much suck.

I have fallen in love. Not with some other guy (besides Cyber Guy but he already knows. LOL). But with a movie. A movie I have watched over and over agian until I pretty much know what they are going to say or what they are going to do. My new love is “You’ve Got Mail”. Now, I’m not one for Romantic Comedies because of the whole “romantic” part. But because I met Cyber Guy online, it makes a lot of sense. We don’t have meaningful conversations like Kathleen Kelley and Joe Fox do on “You’ve Got Mail” but I do relish the times we have together, for however long they may be. I already know what happens in the movie but my heart beats wildly at the fact that this happens everyday. People sign on, go into some chatroom, have interesting conversations, and eventually end up together. Or perhaps they use no specifics and don’t tell each other their names until they are absolutely sure they can handle everything that will be said. It’s a thought, right?

Maybe the next time I sign into a Yahoo! chatroom, I’ll met some guy and we can exchange e-mails without being at all specific and eventually end up as a couple. Or maybe I’ll just finish watching the movie and move onto the next one borrowed from the local library: Sweeney Todd.

Ghosts and Storms April 23, 2009

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I wanna be a ghost hunter. I want to be a storm chaser.


Well, I’ll start with the ghost thing. I have a fascination with the paranormal. I reguarly watch “Ghost Hunters” on Sci-Fi and “Weird Travels” on the Travel Channel. Call me crazy and say they don’t exist, but I’ve had my own ghostly experiences. I won’t go into details but ever since I was little, I’ve believed in ghosts. I think it would be cool to go on these excursions with people like TAPS just to see what a “hunt” is like. But then again, I’m not 100% sure. I love being scared but the things they show on those episodes creep me out! Hell, I got scared watching “White Noise” in the dark by myself when it came out. I’ll take my chances and bring extra pants. I still want to go on a “ghost hunt”.

I want to be a storm chaser. I’ve said time and time again that I love storms. I think it would be thrilling to be 2 miles from a tornado touching down and just getting an eyeful of the sheer volume of Mother Nature. I love an adrenaline rush. I also love learning about weather and prefer hands-on learning that reading from a book. Plus it has always been my dream to get a picture of lightning and a tornado. I am crazy, I know this. I will eventually get to take a picture of a lightning bolt and a Mother-Nature-induced tornado. And still bring an extra pair of pants.

Fads and Movies April 22, 2009

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Thanks to Manders, I am now following a fad. Oh you means, beside Twitter? I’m the one that started the fad within my family.

But I am currently reading the first book of the “Twilight” series. Manders wanted to read it to see what all the fuss was about. Now she knows. She eventually asked me to read it. I thought “Oh great, I am following a fad. I hate fads.” but to much of my surprise, the first book is so far good! Granted, I am only on Chapter 6. I would fall in love with Edward too! Something about being a Vampire and stealth is sexy to me. I checked out the 2nd book from the library as well so I can read it when I’m done with the first.

I also check out “Chicago” and “Now and Then” from the library. Both of them happen to be one of my favorite movies! I tend to lean towards musicals every once in a while (don’t act so shocked!) so I knew I would automatically love “Chicago”.¬† And Renee Zellwegger is one of my favorite actresses. Not to mention the soundtrack and music is just awesome! I even have some of the songs on the old iPod. Love iPods. I like “Now and Then” because I used to watch it when I was a teenager because Mom would watch it. It’s just a funny little movie where you can escape to another time and place.

Oh yea, and obviously, even though computer screens, people can tell we’re twins. Conley Isom, a meteorologist from KXXV (the place I went before. Remember from “My awesome memory!”?) is following both me and Manders on Twitter. I don’t know what my sister said, but Conley asked who her sister was. She said me. He replied with “I thought ya’ll were sisters!”. So me and the twin are either so memorable, we resemble each other. Or people can just tell no matter what. That was very cool!

I wish it wasn’t 90*. It’s too early to be too hot. I’m going to take a cold shower.

Tweet tweet! March 25, 2009

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You know what’s funny about Twitter? That even my local TV stations twitter!Hell, I’m even following the local newspaper! Screw buying it- I could just read their tweets.

https://twitter.com/kwtx (TV channel- has the coolest weather people!)

https://twitter.com/RustyGarrettWx (the coolest meterologist from KWTX!)

https://twitter.com/wacotrib (The Waco-Tribune Herald- local paper!)

https://twitter.com/FirstAlert25WX (First Alert Weather for KXXV- TV station just literately down the road)

It was interesting to see what reports they receive before it even hits the air! But also I love knowing that I have local weather alerts at my finger tips just in case I’m not close to the TV (or have it on). I’ll often “re tweet” them just in case I have people from Texas on my list! Oh wanna know another cool guy to follow?

Besides following the “Dog Whisperer”, you can follow one of my favorite TV hosts- Andrew Zimmern (host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel.


What can I say- I like to tweet.

This was a boring post!

Naturally… March 25, 2009

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I really shouldn’t be surprised. My sister for either the cold or flu Monday night and felt like total crap yesterday. I felt okay- besides a few aches and pains. But as it was getting later in the night, I started noticing that I started feeling like crap. And by the time I went to sleep, I had exactly what sis had.

I’m not surprised because we’re twins. Twins share. And unfortunately, that also means we share colds and flus. But what’s funny is that when I had the stomach virus back in December, she didn’t get it. She has the immune system of a fit teenager! I have the immune system of a… well, let’s just say it sucks/

At least I get my wish of thunderstorms today. I have to wait until this afternoon, but I don’t care. I don’t like it when it storms in the morning because it messes with my sleeping or waking system and at night- the unknown just makes me adrenaline run! The weather people said that it could be severe but I really don’t want the call of doom- tornadoes. Can you imagine 2 people with a cold (or flu), 3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 parents trying to get everything together to head for the hills? I don’t think it would work out so well. But as long as it storms enough to just make the hair on my neck stand up will work for me.

I’m hungry. I wonder what’s for breakfast.

Insomnia… March 24, 2009

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Once again, sleep escapes me. Yep- I have insomnia. It is almost midnight here and I am wide awake. No droopy eyes, not nodding, nothing.

I have been on Twitter, “tweeting” weather warnings for other states (and a wind advisory for my area), and pretty much other nonsense. I’ve been on Etsy, trying to find a sponsor for a giveaway. I think I might actually have one, and this time, I am about 95% sure about it. She has THE cutest stuff. I wish I was creative like that. I can’t draw (even my stick figures look sick), paint, or even mold anything with clay. I once tried to do a bat but it look like a 4-year-old did it. Not someone 20 years older than that. The only thing that resembled something close to anything was my ghost but hell- those are easy to do. Guess I’ll stick to writing and animals.

We took Zeus to the park today. It sure felt like Spring! A little humid (got some weather coming, according to our weather people) and windy, but sure felt nice. He did okay, besides trying to drag us. He has a bad habit of pulling on his leash so when we get a chance, we’re going to get him a harness (the kind that lifts his front legs a little when he tries to pull) and a thicker leash. He likes to chew on his leash so we figured a thicker leash will yield better results. Oh the cutest thing happened. There were these 2 guys with a small puppy. Zeus kind of walked up to the puppy but stopped within like 6 feet of it. He didn’t growl or bark or anything. The only barking and growling dog was the puppy, who I think was trying to intimidate Zeus. Considering Zeus has never really seen another dog up close, he did excellent. Now if only he would stop pulling on his leash and we’ll be happy.

This sucks- I’m wide awake, and even the dog with unending energy is sleeping! Woe is me.

Tired of winter? March 22, 2009

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Ok, so it isn’t exactly winter here. It’s definitely Spring (note previous post!) with warm temps and winds. Maybe a few storms on the one way but one can only hope.

But is it cold where you are? I’ve been watching the Weather Channel (I usually watch the “Storm Stories” since I love learning and watching about tornadoes. Go figure.), and saw that a lot of the northern states are still getting snow and cold weather. Wanna¬† have something to look foward to? Go to http://www.procreo.jp/labo/flower_garden.swf and just click anywhere on the blank screen.

Happy Spring!

Let there be light! March 16, 2009

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It’s about damn time! About Wednesday night, it started raining. That was okay. We needed the rain badly because we were in a drought. Thursday- raining all day. I could live with the rain. But it was cold and depressing. Same as Friday. Onto Saturday, the clouds, rain, and cold come. Talk about depressing!

Sunday rolls around. It’s a little chilly and cloudy most of the day. When we only have 2 1/2 hours of daylight left, the clouds part and the sun comes out! I haven’t seen the sun since Wednesday morning. Oh it was so beautiful!

The sun is still shining but can’t enjoy much of it- I have a stinkin’ ear infection! I hate to rant and vent, but ugh! If it’s not one thing, it sure is another. But still hanging in there… almost done with studying for the THEA! I just need the finish the math, look up “Lowest Common Denominator” (because I’m an idiot at math), and then once I review it, I should be good to go. I’m also reading the last book of the “Henry Thompson” series and start another series by Huston. So far, this new series is freakin weird but freakin awesome!