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If you want to tell me how much you like my blog, have suggestions, questions, or just want to say “Hi”, feel free to e-mail me at texas_heartland84@yahoo.com. I do ask you to indicate in the subject the nature of the message that way I can decipher it from spam.

If you are a company wanting to contact me for product reviews, please refer to “PR Information” for more information.

If you happen to see any typos, please feel free to contact me. I seem have problems typing early in the morning (which is when I do most of my posting) so I will occasionally misspell a word. If you want any previous posts from any archived events (Christmas in July has been archived), e-mail me and I will gladly get you the posts. If you want to see the whole event archive, please state that.

I am currently looking for 2 guest bloggers to post articles on Texas Banter. The following must be adhered:

*You must have a WordPress.com membership or sign up. You don’t have to use your blog, just sign up.

*You MUST own a blog or have a blog writing experience.

*If you are a “Mommy Blogger”, I ask that you don’t post your children’s information on Texas Banter. While this isn’t a “kid-free” zone, it may  confuse some readers as I don’t have children.

* Send your information -name, blog URL, recent posts, e-mail, and WordPress username- to texasbanter@ymail.com with the subject “TB Guest Blogger”.

With that being said, if you are also interested in having Texas Banter as guest blogger, feel free to e-mail me at the aforementioned e-mail with the subject “Guest Blogger” with your blog name, theme, link, and what you expect from me. I do have a Blogger/Blogspot username (look below).

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1. Lorrie - March 8, 2009

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for visiting My Design Secrets. I always enjoy hearing from my fabulous readers! So always feel free to drop me a line with any questions, tips or suggestions. I hope you enjoyed your visit to My Design Secrets and hope to see you around a lot more often.

Because you are a fellow blogger, we would really appreciate you introducing us to your readers if you have a chanceJ

Take care!

Lorrie Browne l My Design Secrets

P.S. If you have not done so yet please consider subscribing to my RSS feed or e-mail digest, to enjoy home decorating resources and ideas, expert solutions, and a searchable database of over 500 online retailers.


E-mail Digest:

And don’t forget to enter our New Giveaway!

2. missomg - March 24, 2009


Just wondering, where did you get your “Texas Banter, I’m not crazy I swear”
button? I’d like to make a button for my site as well.


Naturally, I am from Texas. But I also tend to talk a lot of nonsense… and some can make it out to sound like I’m crazy. If ya want a button, I’d be glad to make one for ya!

3. missomg - March 25, 2009


Yes please..is a there a cost though?

Of course not! Always free with me! All you need to do is tell me a general idea of what you want it to look like!

4. missomg - March 26, 2009

OK..great I’ll get back to you when I get a good idea. How do you make them by the way, photoshop?

Close enough- PaintShop Pro.

5. MARI - August 12, 2009

Love u site! Picked u up from Crone and bear it. Linda is a doll. Would u make me one of those buttons?

6. HMS - December 30, 2009

My good Angela,

Two invitations await you in texas_heartland84@yahoo.com

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