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Event PR

Please note that all event review/giveaway sponsors are to send all correspondence to the e-mail listed below.

In the event that Texas Banter or it’s fellow bloggers should hold an event (2 or more blogs participating), the following should be adhered:

If you are interested in sponsoring a review/giveaway, please contact me at texasbanter@ymail.com with event name. In the message, include the following:

– How many blogs you are interested in sponsoring a review/giveaway for.

– Title of blogs (include title if decision is for just 1 blog)

– Product of which will be given for review/giveaway

– Any information that will help with review/giveaway

– Contact information

If another blog is chosen for the product, the chosen participant will be forwarded the information but the event coordinator will respond with needed information.

The only items now allowed for reviews/giveaways are adult-themed items.

All blogs participating must be taken into consideration for review/giveaways. Texas Banter WILL not hold every giveaway to give the other participants a chance to hold one. In the event that Texas Banter cannot hold the giveaway, it will be forwarded to another participant .

All participants will have their own set of rules for giveaways, including time length of the giveaway and how they are conducted.

All products are non-returnable.


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